Why You Need to Establish a Meeting Rhythm

Why You Need to Establish a Meeting Rhythm

I’m not the Future Selling Institute resident authority on meetings. Jill Myrick is this authority. This post is not about how to have great discussions. It’s about what you should cover. This post is about why it’s essential to have a meeting rhythm.

There is no need to hold more meetings than necessary. Especially if there isn’t a clear agenda or outcome, you can produce better results with your sales team by scheduling regular, predictable, and meaningful meetings.


The ease of accessing reporting and information about sales activity, progress within the pipeline has eliminated the need for salespeople to report on their sales activities and results. They still need to keep their salesforce automation current, but they don’t have the responsibility of compiling the data and reporting it to their sales managers. The sales manager can pull the data every week.

Regularly scheduled review meetings foster a culture of accountability. This provides an opportunity to review the results of each salesperson. Meetings can be a great way to alert your sales team and let them know if they are going off track. This will allow you to adjust before any problems or goals are missed.

Create Awareness

Sales managers are now faced with greater demands than ever before. Regular meetings are a great way to keep track of what salespeople face in the field.

Regular meetings will help you see patterns and the challenges that salespeople face in the marketplace. You’ll also be able to identify new opportunities, as well as what needs to change to produce better results. You can ask your salespeople simple questions like “So what’s happening?” to help you uncover issues and suggestions that might have gone unnoticed.

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Selling Your Priorities

Selling your priorities to others is a crucial part of being a sales leader. You must also make sure your entire team aligns with your goals and works towards them. These priorities are not enough to be set at the start of the year. You must sell them until you reach your goals.

A meeting rhythm allows you to reiterate, restate and refocus your sales team’s priorities. Great sales managers never say anything. Your team’s commitment will be equal to yours if they are dedicated to selling your priorities.

You can help your sales team produce results by scheduling regular meetings.


How often do sales meetings occur?
Are these meetings held in a predictable, regular rhythm that salespeople can trust?
Is your meeting meaningful for you and your sales team? Are they able to produce better results?

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