How to Establish a Contract Sales Team – Part II

How to Establish a Contract Sales Team - Part II

Part II of the series will cover how to establish a contract sales department. I’ll be covering the basics of placing and writing ads, as well as automating the process. I have already covered the first three steps, which were research, creating landing pages, and creation.

When I use the term contract, it means that someone is employed by your firm as a contractor. This is vitally important because you want salespeople who can work independently and are comfortable being self-employed. This is something you should keep in mind when writing your ads or landing pages. You will attract more qualified candidates if you communicate with them about their needs.

You want to work with people that aren’t constantly under your watch every hour of the day.

These steps, which are actually 4, 5, and 6, are based on Part I. However, I decided to keep it simple by labeling them 1, 2, and 3.


set up an automated email service to collect the information of the applicant if they decide to apply. You can also access the automatic email immediately as applications arrive in an inbox. You can place the code for the automated email service on your landing pages, and you will have all the information you need to proceed. After the applicant submits, they should receive an automatic response with information about the next steps and when they can expect to hear from you.

Step 2

is to create and place multiple online classified ads in the markets you are interested in doing business. Start with just two to three ads to split-test the responses and determine which headlines get the most clicks. The ads should be engaging and straightforward, similar to a text link or pay-per-click ad. Once you have established that your ads are effective and people are clicking through your landing pages, you can begin to eliminate ads and narrow your focus to the one driving the most traffic.

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Step 3

is to review the applications and set up interviews via Skype, phone, or other media. Skype is great because it allows you to use video and see how they respond to your questions. As an extra screening tool, you might consider using both. Sometimes, people can be very different when they are speaking on the phone than in person.
It is crucial that you comply with all labor and hiring laws in your province, state, or municipality. Before placing your first advertisement, consult your lawyer or accountant.

Part III will cover the steps remaining and how to get your team started.

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