Why is Your Sales Career Lagging?

Why is Your Sales Career Lagging

There are two types of salespeople when it comes to feeling “stuck” or unmotivated: those who will openly admit that it has happened to their company from time to time and those who will pretend it never happened.

Selling is hard. Even top producers, which I have known hundreds of, can get exhausting. It starts with a feeling of monotony. If you don’t take action, it can lead to a sense that you aren’t selling as well, and you lose interest in it.

This is not going to do any good for your salary or your job security. You must be enthusiastic and energetic to succeed in sales. Even sales stars can find their motivation and careers occasionally lagging, as I mentioned. Their ability to get out of a rut and get back on track is what sets them apart from other producers.

Here are the secrets of how the top salespeople get out of the sales funk. And how you can too.

Face the problem face-to-face

A lack of enthusiasm or motivation is most often the reason we don’t feel passionate about our selling careers. This means that we don’t enjoy selling or have no compelling reason to continue.

You can simply leave your company if you don’t like the products or services they offer. While it might seem harder at first, you will soon find that you are not interested in what your company sells. It is very, very difficult for someone to get excited about talking to you about something they don’t like.

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Set new goals.

Motivation is a problem if you don’t understand what drives you or have lost sight of it. Salespeople and managers in North America have a common problem: they assume specific salespeople are not good at selling. The real problem is their personal drive.

While money is a motivator for most top producers, it’s not the only thing that drives them to get out of bed. You need to have a mix of short-term and long-term goals to be able to continue working day in, day out. It doesn’t matter what your quarterly quota or what incentive trips your company offers this quarter. What matters is finding what you really want in the world and translating it into daily and weekly activities that will help you get them. You can find your true motivations and use them to fuel your sales career.

You can change things.

It doesn’t matter if your problem is motivation or interest. If you feel stuck, it’s time to change things. You can expand your territory, discover new product groups, or just start calling on a different type of client. While none of these things will make a huge difference by themselves, they can help you break out of your monotonous routine.

While you’re at work, make sure to get out of the office. You can take your partner on vacation or visit a new restaurant. Boredom can often spill over into other areas of your life. Make an effort to make a change in the next few weeks. Although it might seem absurd to believe that your lunch choices or how you commute to work can make a big difference in your monthly sales, they do.

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Everyone feels a bit stuck or bored at some point in their sales career. The question is not whether or not your sales career will lag at any point in time, but rather why and what you can do to fix it.