Stop Wasting Your (Sales) Life – Time Management Tips From the Biggest Earners

Stop Wasting Your (Sales) Life - Time Management Tips From the Biggest Earners

Our success in selling is not a result of one single choice. It’s a combination of thousands of small decisions spread over every week. Maybe that’s not so abstract.

Nobody sets out to make the most money. Yet, salespeople in every office struggle just to survive. Why is this? Why?

I have yet met a producer who is paid to surf the Internet or drink coffee, despite these being popular activities in many sales offices. I’m not joking or making fun of it. I just want to highlight the fact that even seemingly insignificant choices can add up when it is time for us. If you use enough of these chunks in the right way, you will be a top producer. You will never make much money if you waste them.

These are seven-time management tips that sales stars use to make the most of their day.

Focus on your goals.

It’s easy to lose a lot of time if you don’t know what it is you’re trying to achieve. Goal setting and time management are so closely connected that I have included them in the same book. Set goals and build your schedule around these goals if you want to maximize your potential.

Note down your thoughts.

When creating a schedule, ensure that it is documented somewhere. This will prevent you from missing deadlines and meetings, but it can also make us more productive.

You can set your own schedule.

You have your moments of high energy, others when you are unable to focus. Your high-energy times can be used for the most critical tasks in sales, such as prospecting, meeting clients, or generating proposals. You can save paperwork and routine tasks for when you are feeling low on energy.

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Stop doing all the busy work.

There is a difference between being busy and being just busy. It’s essential to make sure you are spending your time on activities that will bring in new business and not just making it feel like you have accomplished anything.

Do not work for the minimum wage.

Delegate any task that you are not able to do yourself, such as a job that can be performed by an assistant, intern, or part-time worker earning minimum wage. You are too valuable to waste your time as a highly motivated, highly-trained salesperson.


Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking is not as effective as we think. It takes three to four times longer to focus on one thing at a time than it does. You will feel like you have gained an hour per day by making a habit out of getting rid of distractions and getting things done.

Charge the batteries. You need to manage your time. You need to get some time off from the office to be a productive producer. You can convince your colleagues and customers that you are strange by dedicating every hour of your day to selling.

Your most valuable asset and the only thing you can get back in time. You can make big sales if you learn how to best use your time. You’ll never make any money if you waste your time.