Interview With Jill Konrath, Author of Snap Selling

Interview With Jill Konrath, Author of Snap Selling

Jill Konrath’s innovative sales strategies, provocative insights, and practical advice help sellers win with busy prospects. She’s an internationally recognized author and popular speaker at annual sales meetings, kick-off events, and professional conferences.

Industry leaders have already given her a rave review for her newest book, “SNAP SELLING”.

She talks about her book and what she has learned as a top-selling consultant/expert.

1) Jill, let us begin to talk about your book. Snap Selling is for everyone.

Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and consultants who sell into the business market.

2) What is the biggest lesson in the book?

To be successful in today’s business environment, you need to find new sales methods. For selling to busy people, traditional selling skills no longer suffice.

3. What other books on sales would you recommend besides your own?

These are only a few of the many I recommend. However, I really like many of them.

Mahan Khalsa: Let’s get real or let’s not play
– Dirty Little Secrets by Sharon Drew Morgen
Mike McLaughlin won the Professional Services Sale
Anne Miller, Metaphorically Selling
– Selling Change, Brett Clay

4) What is the first thing someone should do when they have finished reading your book?

Visit my website to download the Buyer’s Matrix. Then, get started on it. Note from Editor: You must sign up first.

This information is crucial to capture their attention and win the business.

About you:

5) Which was the most challenging sale you ever had?

One in which I lost the business but won it. After a long and challenging competition for the sales training business of telecom, they told me that they loved me, loved the program, and believed it was superior — but they would go with the competitor.

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Their reasoning? Because I was a small business, my entire sales training investment would be at risk if I was hit by a Mack truck.

6) Most memorable sale?

This is the one I left. It was the end. I was just one sale away from being eligible for President’s Club. Although the prospect was ready to purchase, they didn’t want the financial commitment to obtain the right system.

I decided to decline to work with them, knowing that I was saying goodbye to my trip to London. It was painful, but it was the right decision. Miraculously, another company called me at the last minute and purchased a system from me. I was able to go on the trip.

Your consulting:

7) What’s the biggest mistake a salesperson makes?

Failure to plan. Too many salespeople/organizations are hooked on activity. They repeat the same mistakes over and over.

8) What is something you are working on that makes you feel motivated? Which is your next big project?

I am currently speaking at conferences and annual sales meetings. It’s a great job to be a wake-up call for salespeople and show them new strategies that work with today’s busy prospects.

My next major project is to create a program that trains the trainer so more people can learn these strategies.

9) What is your favorite testimonial/comment?

Nearly every day, I receive emails from people telling me that my suggestions have had a significant impact on their success. They are my heroes!

My colleagues are my best testimonials. It is a great honor to hear from other sales professionals, trainers, and consultants that my books are dog-eared, underlined, and filled with Post-It Notes.

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This was when I realized I was having an effect on their entire sales process.