Close More Sales – 3 Ways to Get In, Get Started and Make More Money Now – No Matter the Economy

Close More Sales - 3 Ways to Get In, Get Started and Make More Money Now - No Matter the Economy

Yes, the economy is slowing down, and budgets have been cut. Yes, there is competition. Yes, clients put off buying decisions.

What are you waiting for?

You can close more deals and make more sales if you put your efforts into building relationships. No matter your price point, people will still buy from you in a slow economy.

Tip 1: Recommendations for New Approaches

Salespeople who are successful have always believed in creating value. We must now think like our clients and be creative. It is essential to get involved and start. Think small and intelligent. It is always better to have a small piece of something than a large piece of nothing. Start with a smaller project, a lower order, or a regional implementation. Begin to get to know your client. Allow them to get to know you. Get to know them.

Sales Closing Tip 2: Create Metrics

Your client should sit on the same side as you. Together, determine the best way for you to start. Always, always create metrics with your client. How will you define success together? Get agreement that once this project is successful–according to the metrics you’ve agreed upon–that the client will work with you to identify other sales opportunities within their organization. A successful project leads to a strong relationship which in turn leads to more successful referrals. This will result in more sales leads and more revenue for you.

Tip #3: Negotiate or walk to close sales

Yes, clients will negotiate the price. It’s their job to build businesses while keeping an eye on the bottom line. How many times have your clients said yes to your sales proposal? Where can I sign? It rarely happens. It doesn’t happen.

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Adjusting your price will require you to adjust the scope of your project and the deliverables. Always ask for something in return, and make sure it is written into the agreement. Perhaps the client will write a testimonial, refer you to another unit within their company, or even to someone they work with at a different company. You might trade some of your services. Bartering is a traditional way to do business. It makes sense if you need their services and you have what they want. Maybe the client has software your company requires or a consulting method that could help your business grow. This is the basic idea. It’s possible to do it.

Don’t be afraid to leave if things don’t work out. This is a difficult decision but could be the best sales decision you make. The following client will be the one who values your offer and is willing or able to pay for it.

Follow my advice in this article and my book to build long-lasting customer relationships with clients who will buy from you again and again, even in a slow economy. You will receive more referrals. You will also get more referrals.

What are you waiting for? Grab your keys and get going!