Enlightened Sales Leadership

Enlightened Sales Leadership

Sales leadership is hugely different from sales management and far more straightforward. Anyone with direct reports in sales has an obligation to steer by example and will take full responsibility for the performance and culture of their team.

Influential sales leaders have the subsequent attributes:

1 – they’re hooked into sales and pursue continuous learning
2 – they’re strong in the process
3 – they’re great coaches
4 – they need experience and skills that they will expire to their salespeople

Continuous Learning

Do you commit 10% of some time to learn new skills, posing for feedback, studying the psychology of top performers, networking, attending seminars, reading articles or books, and constantly trying to seek out ways of doing things better and brighter? Sales leaders proactively pursue knowledge and avoid getting stale. Establish learning goals and work towards becoming an expert. There’s an infinite amount to find out across the vast discipline of sales, including business development, networking, building relationships, preparing for meetings, prospecting, and therefore the list goes on and on. Pick a topic area and dig in. Share your insight together with your team and earn more respect and trust from them.


All high performers follow a sales process. There’s the process around contacting customers and prospects, including once you get them, for what purpose, and using what method. There should be a process around networking in order that salespeople attain the utmost benefits from attending conferences, tradeshows, and industry events. When it involves discovering needs and developing an answer for your prospects, does one follow a process that ensures you’re uncovering all of their requirements from both a business and personal perspective? Does one follow-up 100% of the time, and does one take hold of the sales process? Once you win business, does one have an ongoing contact strategy to know where you’ll do better and also send them the message that you’re thinking of them not only they’re buying?

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One of the significant neglected areas in sales leadership is within the area of coaching. Coaching is all about inspiring your salespeople to line their own goals. The foremost crucial universal rule of coaching is to recollect that you simply cannot want more for your people than they need for themselves. Your main job is to uncover what drives them and to help them in building their own decisions to achieve their own objectives. Do that now – it’s the foremost important use of some time and maybe a far better service than setting the standard performance-based goals, collecting and massaging data, and issuing reports. Spend time together with your people and coach them! to try to do the work well, meet with them weekly or at minimum every fortnight.

Experience and Skills

In order to be a very great leader, you furthermore may get to have the talents to assist and train your people. Sometimes you’ll identify gaps in their skill sets, and it is your obligation to deal with that gap. At the same time, the primary course of action is to always have your salespeople solve their own problems; you ought to even be the sales expert when the answers elude them. And this brings us back to the primary attribute – continuous learning!

Leadership may be a responsibility that rests with many folks within the workplace. Once you achieve your promotion and ambition of becoming a manager, remember that management doesn’t inspire and is concentrated on what I’ll call “old-school” thinking. Escape that mold and become a pacesetter. Learn, establish a process people trust, and in particular, coach your people to success. By pursuing this approach, you’ll achieve a sustainable increase in sales performance.

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In every organization, a unique set of challenges are often found associated with sales performance, account management, and sales management. The key’s to spot where the gaps are and style a technique to fill them.

My mission is to measurably increase the sales performance of your organization. You receive the tools and skills to create relationships, expand your revenue base, improve work habits, and set in motion processes and plans that cause growth. Through sales training, coaching, and consulting, I’m committed to providing organizations with real insight and practical tools that make a difference.