Are You Doing These 3 Things With Your Sales Training?

Are You Doing These 3 Things With Your Sales Training

What I’m close to teaching you within the next 5 minutes has the potential to assist in establishing you as a pacesetter in your industry. By leveraging this area of your company, you’ll not only add tremendous profits to your bottom line, but you’ll also absolutely obliterate your competition. Your competition won’t only envy you; they’ll attempt to duplicate your sales manager training, only to fail miserably (that is, unless they’ve read this blog post too!)…

By ignoring the optimization of your salespeople, there’s almost no way for your company to possess continual growth in the longer term. At best, you’ll stay stuck within the position you’re now…

The system has taken me over five years to seek out, perfect, and distill into a system. By learning, implementing, and systemizing these three belongings, you could add a simple 45% to 1200%+ to your bottom line in as little as six months. I do know this sounds too good to be accurate, but once this new way of thinking “clicks” in your business, you’ll be floored. Here are the three Steps To Sales Team Transformation…

The significant problems that the majority of sales managers don’t do are contained within the 3 step system:

Not finding “all-stars.”
Not training consultative selling.
Not paying exclusively on performance
It really is that simple. These are the three pillars of practical sales manager training. I guarantee that if your sales team isn’t performing the way that you want, then you’re doing something wrong in one of these three areas. Once you master them, you’ll start closing sales sort of a seasoned veteran.

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So let’s dig in.

Compensating Exclusively On Performance:

This one is both uncommonly simple and not evident to 95% of sales managers or business owners. Simply put, every salesperson on your team should be paid entirely on commission. Paying a guaranteed salary, with or without commission bonuses, encourages sloppy, lazy, and selfish behavior. Let me explain…

Which of those salespeople does one think is more motivated, pro-active, and productive? Bob and Jim both work for Widgets International, Inc.

Bob is paid $70,000 per annum and receives a 5% commission on every widget sold.

Jim is paid only on commission. He receives a generous yet fair 25% commission on every widget sold.

Furthermore, Jim is an independent contractor, and Bob may be a full-time employee that receives top-of-the-road fringe benefits, three weeks vacation, and a corporation car.

I hope this concept is beginning to add up. Bob, who makes a cushy $70,000 per annum (not including other benefits), has little incentive to perform to his highest potential. The critical cost of Bob is far quite $70,000 per annum. This does not count if he avoids closing sales in the least.

Jim, on the other hand, gets paid only after he puts money into the corporate checking account. Although he makes a 25% commission on every sale, he’s magically transformed into a profit center, not a price. This is often a critical point and is worth repeating…

He transformed into a profit center, not a price.

Let’s check out this instance a touch bit closer. For illustrative purposes, a widget costs the top consumer $3,000. That might mean that Bob would make a $150 commission (5%) on every device sold, and Jim would make a $750 commission (25%) on every sale.

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At first, you would possibly be thinking, “Why would I ever want to pay that much to my salespeople? Won’t that destroy my profit margins?”

Let me put it in other terms. Bob, who was comfortable and cocky together with his job, managed to sell 43 widgets in 2009. Jim, who only eats only after he makes a purchase, sold 331 devices, quite seven times that of Bob.

What could these sorts of numbers do for your company and sales manager training? What if you did not have to pay your salespeople until after they made you money?

Finding “All-Star” Salespeople:

The personality sort of the “all-star” salesperson that would revolutionize your business is high, very specific. And, unfortunately, I even have bad news for you; these people are hard to return by.

Here’s why…

From my experience, this unique person is merely 2% of the population. Said differently, you’ll likely need to interview around 50 people just to seek out one person who fits this mold!

But once you learn the:

The three specific qualities of an all-star salesperson and
The seven-word phrase which will identify all-stars in 30 seconds or less…
…you’ll be ready to find the simplest salespeople ten times faster, with 97% less work.

The three qualities of an all-star salesperson are presumably not what you’ve consciously searched for within the past. Here’s what you are looking for. you would like someone that is:

Socially Intelligent
Without anyone among these qualities, you’ll be flushing money right down the drain.

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