Can You Afford Losing Leads Because You Did Not Follow Up on Time?

Can You Afford Losing Leads Because You Did Not Follow Up on Time

Automate your business’s operations in this economic downturn!

There is no way to afford to lose even one lead due to the absence of prompt follow-up. However, companies are losing an enormous amount of money due to outdated follow-up systems. What can you do to automatize your process to ensure that no one slips between the cracks?

This article will focus on the benefits of automating sales force as well as simplifying, or even automating, the use of your Customer Relation Management System (CRM).

After reading this article, you’ll know how you can quickly close leads and save both time and cash. This is all without losing even one piece of information due to a lack of communication.

“You already have the skills to make each sale, but you’re not making use of your own sales skills.”

Are prospects willing to buy after just the first meeting? The statistics show that more than 90% of opportunities purchase following five or more follow-ups. It’s a shame that you can’t predict who is likely to buy. Manually (via email, phone, and in-person) monitoring high- and very low-risk prospects consume lots of time.

If you focus only on highly probable prospects, you could miss out on sales that are unexpected from opportunities with low probability. In the end, following up with everyone causes unnecessary time to be wasted.

How do you want to be able to automate follow-up with all prospects without wasting any time? With a simple follow-up process that you can stay at the forefront of your options to ensure they don’t forget about your company. If they’re ready to purchase, then guess who they’ll contact. YOU! Not because you’re more attractive than the competition but because they received a call from you and they have heard from you.

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If you don’t stay in contact with your customers and customers, they’ll look to your rivals. Don’t allow this to occur. When I see companies that let leads be lost in the shuffle, I’m thinking of my job from 18 years ago on an assembly line for cosmetics. On the assembly line, we would repeat the same job repeatedly all day long with ten employees doing the same task. As time went by and machines took over our work because the work was monotonous. It’s accurate that machines could perform better in less time and at a lesser cost. Although we’re not thinking of “machines” within the finance industry, It’s the right time to allow automation to help you expand your company.

My selling philosophy is: “Give value first – really help others. My goal is to succeed in my passions. Build long-lasting relationships with everyone. Have fun, and I have fun every day.”

How do you stay with your customers? Consider implementing the Customer Relation Management System (CRM), which does the bulk of the work. It might sound complicated; however, it’s actually relatively easy. CRM can be utilized in various ways.

Operational CRM

Operational CRM features include sales automation of force and customer service support, and marketing automation.

SalesForce Automation

The sales force is provided with customer data.
The sales force is provided with information on competitors
Allows for the management of inventory
Assigns leads/prospects to sales representatives

Customer Service Functions

Tracks product availability
Tracks service delivery and schedules
Support personnel from customer service can gain access to customer interaction data.
Controls Sales across different channels

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Marketing Automation

Automates routine tasks like distributing marketing literature
Helps with budgeting and marketing planning

Automated Sales Force: Lead management integrated

Our LeadOrganizer is the top customer Relation Management System (CRM) available. The LeadOrganizer is a targeted and custom-designed solution. It combines automating sales forces and automated communications and business tools. The LeadOrganizer is perfect for small and professional businesses, professionals, as well as home-based businesses, freelance consultants, and even agencies.

LeadOrganizer monitors and guides prospects from the initial contact throughout managing and selling.

LeadOrganizer imports lead (yes, you don’t need to enter them manually again).

When a lead transforms into a potential customer, LeadOrganizer manages the process by filling out applications and ordering exams, sending out updates, etc.

When a lead becomes an actual prospective customer, LeadOrganizer is able to follow the prospect up until the information “buys or passes away”. It doesn’t require anything.

Leads are vital to the success of every business. It is not possible to ignore even the tiniest tips because you don’t have the time in “peanuts”.

It’s time for automation to do the work for you. With LeadOrganizer, you’ll always be over your competition. When you are ready to purchase, you want to be on the prospect’s thinking of them. If your option is ready to contact you or send an email, LeadOrganizer will make sure they think of you!