3 Superstar Internet Marketing Tips That Might Surprise You!

3 Superstar Internet Marketing Tips That Might Surprise You!

In the last twenty years, the Internet has transformed the way that we earn a living in sales and also the way we live our lives. Instead of follow-up calls or even face-to-face visits, emails, IM’s, as well as virtual meetings rooms have become now the most popular ways to communicate with clients and follow up on sales proposals and go through the other aspects of our work. However, underneath all that, the basic principles of selling don’t have changed much as you must identify potential customers, assess them and present them, then conclude and negotiate for an income check. The fact that you’re online doesn’t change any aspect of that.
That’s why the proliferation of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a myriad of others are particularly appealing to salespeople. The appeal of these websites doesn’t lie in the fact that they’ll assist you in delivering better presentations online or promote your pricing… They’re intended to help you strengthen your relationships with colleagues and friends, and customers. That’s the goal we should strive for?

As sales stars rise to the top of their game by making use of every opportunity they have to meet their clients better, and vice to the other side Here are three great strategies to make social networking an integral part of your sales toolkit:

1. Test them:

If you’re thinking about taking part in “social networking” websites such as Facebook, My first suggestion is to try every one of them. They are completely free or very close to it, so it’s not likely to cost much to try them out and find out what all the fuss is about.

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Additionally, even if you discover that your customers aren’t using your services, then there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to connect with old acquaintances from school or even relatives who’ve moved to other regions of the United States or around the globe.

2. Create a platform and search for sources of referrals:

Like the majority of people are aware, I am of the opinion that every salesperson needs to have a solid understanding of. Social media sites are an excellent way to showcase your expertise through the sharing of your blog posts, articles, blog posts, awards, or any other information that could impress clients or prospective customers.

What is the reason you’re going through this hassle? The main reason is that you want everyone who searches for you through the Internet to know that you’re a skilled and reliable professional. You want everyone to feel confident that you’re the type of person you can make a payment to and not be worried about it. The third reason is just as important to true to their title. Social networking websites are excellent places to… you guessed it and network. The more information you’ve published about yourself and your job, the easier it is for your customers to endorse your services to others at the click of a button.

3. Maintain social networks in their space:

As exciting, new, and enjoyable as any of these websites may seem, however, they are only one device in the toolbox of a salesperson. If you are using more than 20 or 15 minutes each day using these sites, then the chances are that you’re supposed to be doing something else more productive.

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The benefit of these tools is that they allow users to connect with each other with your customers, update your profile, and complete other marketing and sales tasks in a matter of moments. Make use of this feature and go on to the next sale. It’s entertaining and even addictive to communicate and send messages for hours; however, it’s not going to generate much in terms of new business.
Carl-Henry is a management consultant. He is an expert in helping businesses to select the top customers and sales talents. Carl has also been certified as a Certified Speaking Professional and the author of numerous books and articles on sales, sales management as well as customer care. He also conducts webinars and seminars for clients across the globe.