4 Ways to Get Your Sales Team to Dominate Your Industry in This Economy, Or Any Other One

4 Ways to Get Your Sales Team to Dominate Your Industry in This Economy, Or Any Other One

In the context of recovery and recessions, there are two types of team members: those that dominate their respective industries and markets and those who sit in their seats and complaining about it. Which of the categories does your team belong to?
If you believe your managers may be doing more, you should be aware that they may be following their own advice from you. Here are four tips you can start doing right now to get them making new accounts available all over the place:

1. Employ the best players.

If the people and women employed by you don’t have the necessary characteristics to be successful in the right business – and don’t make a mistake it’s a delicate blend of competitive spirit, greed, determination, personal motivation, as well as the capacity to convince other people – then it’s not going to take place. What I write or anything you do can alter this fact. Cakes aren’t made with the right ingredients, and you won’t be able to build an effective sales team by using people who aren’t motivated to make sales.

2. Build them up in the basics.

It’s funny how people who are not experts in sales think that top performers have some sort of superhuman talent or skills. True, as I mentioned above, you need to be the correct type of person to be successful in sales. However, the key to establishing a large number of accounts isn’t secret whatsoever… they’re only the fundamental, basic selling abilities that all producers require. Prospecting opening, qualifying, and closing won’t go away in the near future – make sure your team handles everything well.

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3. Find them to network.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how competent your team is if they’re not communicating with the people who make the decisions. While prospecting is important essential, you must have your sales staff going as deep within your company as you can. This means moving vertically, meeting with management, as well as other department heads to create future orders. It is impossible to dominate any field without knowing the leading players, so you should put the sales staff in the position to get to know the individuals who are essential to them.

4. Make a strategy.

It’s not an accident that success happens. If every salesperson is doing their individual thing, selling their unique way and marking their own territories, I can tell you they’re not even as close to their potential. I’m a massive advocate of sales processes, not just because they’re effective but also because they ensure everyone is on the same level. Determine your strengths in the competitive market as well as the best ways to present them to potential clients. It’s unlikely to happen in a flash; however, if everyone on the team is focused, clear and dedicated, then you’ll be able to build an unstoppable advantage in the market.

Carl-Henry is a management consultant. He specializes in aiding businesses in the selection process of the best-selling and service professionals. Carl is also a Certified Speaking Professional and the author of numerous publications and articles on sales, sales management as well as customer care. Carl conducts seminars and webinars for clients around the world.

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