Don’t Gamble – How to Hire Top Sales Talent Today

Don't Gamble - How to Hire Top Sales Talent Today

Researchers have gone through extreme lengths to discover the characteristics of a successful salesperson and how they think, and what motivates them. With these pieces put in place, they’ve come up with specific personality assessments that are the kind of sales ability test. Why aren’t more bosses benefiting from this? Your guess is as valid as mine.

Hiring Top Sales Talent:

It is one of the essential aspects of a sales manager’s job. It is awe-inspiring to me that in our day and age, it is absurd to decide to hire an employee without conducting an assessment prior to hiring. With just two dollars and a few hours, you will get more information than you could in the several years with an individual.

Before you invest the amount of time and effort to bring a new employee into your company, you must be aware of four things. These are, in fact, the exact four things that an assessment will tell you about what they sell, what they sell if they sell, and what they can be able to sell. Making a hiring decision without that type of information is a costly gamble. If you’re not using assessment in your decision-making process for hiring, I’d suggest that you start immediately.

The Top 5 Critical Sales Success Skills:

If you are evaluating an applicant for a sales role, you might want to examine the following competencies.

Self-Starting Capacity: A measurement of an individual’s ability to take on tasks to fulfill their obligations and obligations.
I was responding to Rejection: The ability to demonstrate perseverance and resolve when faced with opposition.
Results-oriented: The capacity to comprehend clearly and objectively and use all variables for achieving desired or specified outcomes.
Focused on the Goal and Project Ability to focus all of one’s focus on the project or goal without distractions from issues.
Personal Drive: the ability to complete and meet the goals, objectives, and tasks.
Have You Taken Any Management Assessments?

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There’s a quote that I love from Lao Tse: “He who has knowledge of others is a scholar while he who knows himself is knowledgeable.” I’m not too familiar with Lao other than his fortune cookie wisdom, and I’d bet Lao would have been an effective sales manager. Without the aid of any sales seminars or manuals, which were difficult to find around the six hundred years ago BC.

Research has shown that the most successful sales managers are those who are aware of the strengths as well as weaknesses. This is why you must consider a management evaluation.

Key Sales Management Point:

It’s apparent that I’d advise you not to hire an agent without conducting an assessment of your personality. It’s an investment of a tiny amount, and it can shed a lot of insight into their prospects to be successful.

However, as you attempt to learn about people, do not forget the one who could affect your team’s performance the most, which is your personal. Be sure to take the time to examine your own self-audit. What you discover will not only be fascinating, it will help you become more effective as a leader.

Carl-Henry is a management consultant. He specializes in aiding businesses in the selection process of the best customers and sales professionals. Carl is also a Certified Speaking Professional and the author of numerous books and articles on sales, management of sales, as well as customer care. Carl conducts seminars and webinars for clients across the globe.