Three Reasons Your Sales Results Are Half-Baked

Three Reasons Your Sales Results Are Half-Baked

Another quarter is already in the books.

How do you rate your results?

Did you surpass the sales of last year?

Do you have any new customers?

Are you able to offer new products or services?

Did you achieve quarterly plan?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then keep going because the results are smoking’.

If your sales performance is low-quality and you’ve answered no to the above questions, then you’ll need to make some smart business decisions, alter the way you do things, and concentrate on the highest-paying activities. Three reasons why that your sales aren’t quite as good and some strategies to overcome these barriers to growth.

No Goals

Prospecting goals, Selling goals, Networking goals, and Revenue goals.

How many phone calls will it take to schedule an appointment?

How many prospects will it take to find one potential customer?

How many meetings does it take to conclude the sale?

What is the average amount of revenue per sale?

Goals typically include five criteria that are specific, measurable, easily achievable, reachable and timely. They are also known by been known as S.M.A.R.T. goals. We often add a second requirement such as ‘W’ or written-down. The majority of companies begin with a goal for revenue each year typically a boost over last year’s revenue. Then, quarterly goals and monthly goals are able to be estimated. To reach these goals for revenue collaborate with each rep to ensure that they are on board with goals for prospecting, networking and selling goals. Be sure to concentrate on the highest-payoff actions. Place the goals at a central location to ensure that they are seen by everyone frequently and is always in their minds.

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No Plan

The strategy is similar to your road map. A lot of women believe that Moses wandered in the desert for forty years because Moses didn’t request directions. It’s probably not the reason, but companies do go about their business in a haphazard manner without a plan. When I first spoke to one of my clients, he told me that he planned to establish four locations by the year 2013. I was impressed by his prompt response and requested to see the plans. He responded, “See what?” In reality the truth is, he didn’t have any plan. It was just a dream. The plan provides direction for businesses. Examine the objectives and then create a plan that incorporates strategies for marketing and sales that will help you achieve the objectives.

No Accountability

The close of the quarter (or months) is the best moment to evaluate the progress you’ve made against your goals. If your sales are up and you’re in line with your goals Keep the momentum. If your sales aren’t as good and you’re falling short then the close of each quarter is an ideal moment to rectify the problem. These checkpoints in the interim can give you the needed push to modify the tactics and strategies that aren’t effective. To get them to work, heat up the plan, create an idea, mix in some strategies, and throw with some education. Make smart business choices today to ensure that you meet your the objectives you set out in your plan.

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Planning is a commitment to management. There isn’t any magic solution for achievement. Making goals, creating plans, executing the plan, and evaluating the progress each month or every quarter is a difficult task. The commitment to management requires accountability. Set your team’s accountability to deliver results, and you’ll be headed towards the correct direction to speed up sales.