The Best Sales Management Advice – 2-10-1949 in 2:55 with 1 Intermission

The Best Sales Management Advice - 2-10-1949 in 255 with 1 Intermission

Willy Loman’s story was very sad. He had a difficult life. Arthur Miller doesn’t really reveal what the character sold. After learning this, I was shocked to discover that Willy Loman was the only one who was able to tell me what it sold. Miller doesn’t give us the exact product, it wasn’t a service, I can decipher it. However, he infers that it was low-end and leaves it up to theorists like me to look for holes in Willy Loman’s sales theory. The problem with leaving Willy’s merchandise ambiguous is that it would have required rewriting of the story and the possibility of offending entire sections of an industry.

Beyond what I have said, I am not a huge fan of the arts or plays. As I gain more knowledge about the world, however, I find that I appreciate the very best plays more. I believe business, sales, and HR are all art.

Follow these steps if your job requires that you be responsible for salespeople. Your competition won’t be called your competition because you have achieved a higher level of responsibility.

Stop calling them a sales force! You Can Call Them What You Want To Be Called

This is unless they are comfortable with the term “sales force”. If they have more experience than you are comfortable with, give them a title they feel is important and comfortable being called. It’s not about you. Yes. You can make a deal if the name does not make you feel at home. Keep in mind, however, that the name must be 50/50.

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People in the professional world are very conscious of their titles. You won’t find anyone in my company with a title that sounds simple. They are far more skilled than that. You may not feel the term “Sales Representative”, but it is an overused title. Independent 3rd party opinions might be able to identify a few.

They will be paid a good base salary and less commission

You must be a good manager, entrepreneur and business owner. Rule 101 in sales and human psychology states that nobody likes being sold. You’ll notice a change in the personality of a dog whose food is not enough if you underpay an ethical salesperson.

We all know there are certain salespeople and industries that we don’t like dealing with. Take 2 seconds to think about the typical compensation model for these sales niches. Is there a relationship between base salary perception and customer service, integrity, loyalty and loyalty to the organization?

You can give them some marketing to work with

Because of their superior marketing, people who are more qualified tend to choose mid-sized to larger companies. The misconception that sales reps can change a company is a common mistake among small businesses. Only smart salespeople can make a company change. There are no salespeople who can do that.

Sales professionals desire to feel part of something special. Nearly everyone wants to feel important or respected. It’s human nature. It is not. Would it be rude for George Clooney’s agent to call you and ask if George would like to be your dinner guest?

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Are you saying that he would not be polite if he was a celebrity, or because it would be impolite? Let me know your final answer. What would you do for someone you didn’t know, or in sales for someone you didn’t know?

Do you think salespeople should have a website and a name to back them now that you’re aware of this fact?

This took me more than 2 hours to complete. It takes less than 15 seconds to tell a caller that “I recognize” and “Thank you for calling.”

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