How to Sell Hot Dogs at Baseball Games, Concerts and Other Events

How to Sell Hot Dogs at Baseball Games, Concerts and Other Events

Hot dog stand owners have one of the best business opportunities: establishing relationships with event organizers. You can make a lot of money if you get concessions to your hot dog stand at significant sporting events, carnivals, or rock concerts. This is a great way to increase your profits.

You will be able to access a large, hungry audience at such shows and events. People attending such events will likely not have many other options for food and drink. There may be concession stands, but you are guaranteed a captive audience. People won’t leave a concert, baseball game, or show to find another. You can often charge hot dogs slightly more than usual in an environment that allows for them to sell.

But, managing a stand at an event can be complex and quite different from a street location. The concession will likely cost you a lot so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Here are some tips for selling hot dogs at busy events.

A Concession Agreement

It is always a good idea to have the details written down and signed by an organizer or promoter of an event. Each party should be clear about their positions, so there is no confusion.

Be sure to include event dates and times, as well as details about your location, access, and use. If possible, visit the site before you leave.

Ask the organizer for guarantees about event attendance and concessions granted to other food vendors. You may be required to stay at the event for a particular time or may have additional restrictions.

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Understanding Market Needs

You may need to modify your menu depending on the event you are attending. At a trade show, you might serve hot tea and cold beer to the attendees.

Remember to consider the weather. You can add extra bottles of water and soda if it appears that the day will be scorching.

Menu Considerations

Keep your menu simple. You may not have the time or ability to prepare many products and discuss orders in your day-to-day business. You want to serve a large number of people quickly and efficiently. Simple menus will prevent mistakes and customers from asking questions. It will also simplify stock requirements.

Employers that are necessary

You should ensure that you have enough staff to handle the orders. You will need at most two workers for each hot dog stand in a high-volume environment. It is not uncommon for two workers to work at a hot dog stand. One person may take orders, and the other will prepare the hot dogs. One staff member may be needed to manage the mood while one goes off to grab urgent supplies.

Smart Pricing

You should be able to estimate the cost of a hot dog if you have been to similar events in your locality. While people will expect to pay more for a concert or sporting event, they don’t like being ripped off, so be realistic.

Round your prices up to equal amounts. For example, four dollars is more convenient than three nines. Your staff should be able to quickly count customer payments or change. Many people won’t be carrying much difference and will prefer to purchase large bills, such as a $20 bill or a $100 bill.

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Efficiency and systems

You must be efficient and productive when serving hot dogs to large crowds. Discuss the entire process with your staff and ensure that there are no mistakes or wasteful time.

Concession stand vendors have a lot of tricks for managing crowds. A separate line for drinks is a great way to reduce queues. These orders can be done quickly.

It is quite different to run a hot dog stand on the road than to set up a stand at an event. There are many opportunities to make extraordinary profits at events like these, so it is essential to know how to run a business that maximizes sales. Also, show that your business is friendly and professional to work with. Event organizers will be more likely to invite you back the next time you attend.