Security Related Technological Innovations for Cargo and Logistics


Manufacturers and shipping companies have a lot of concerns about the security of their consignments. Today, pirates have attacked container vessels and other ships all over the world, especially along the west coast of Africa. In recent years, maritime crime has increased alarmingly. All of these factors point to the inadequacy of security on ships. We can see that there was a security breach in every case of ship-hijack. Security is lacking in both manpower and technology. For security personnel, it is impossible to find other options than to deploy adequate armed security guards in order for the ship’s protection. There are many things to be done when it comes to technology-related security.
There have been many technological advances in shipping security over the past few years. It is now a mandatory requirement for shipping companies to use the latest technological advances. These technological advances can be a boon for shipping companies and insurers in the long term as they can stop the looting of shippers. You will find out about the most recent innovations implemented by shipping companies.

Geofencing facility

The “virtual fencing” mechanism tracks the route taken by the carrier vessel. From the point of origin to the destination, the tracking facility is in place. The tracking facility is performed by GPS. It allows the authorities to keep track of the ship or vessel’s movements. The tracking system will send alert messages to leaders in the event that the ship makes a slight deviation from its route.

Electronic sealing systems

These electronic seals can send alarm messages to the authorities and notify them of any attempts to break the container’s seal. These devices are attached to the containers’ bodies. Once installed, these devices work for many days without interruption.

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Tracking system for shipment

These tracking systems offer a user-friendly interface that can be tailored to your needs. These tracking systems have the most significant advantage: you can see the exact location and details of your shipment at any time. You can view details such as the shipment’s location, destination, weight, and source country. Notifications can be sent by the shipment tracking system to alert the user of important shipping events such as the arrival and delivery of freight, loading time, etc. To keep track of operations online, users can use the purchase order number and the product code. These systems use a secure password to communicate with the users and ensure maximum security.