Prioritizing Translation Services: Cost or Quality?

Prioritizing Translation Services Cost or Quality

The translation industry is seeing more companies being created. This industry offers a steady source of guaranteed income, so more people are looking to become translators or proofreaders. While it has provided new opportunities for the industry, there have also been some challenges. These companies must offer a variety of perks in order to be attractive to a niche market audience as a young company. These companies offer discounts to all clients and lower costs because they know that clients prefer someone who has experience.
This trend, although attractive at first glance, has lowered the industry standard and made clients more vulnerable to poor content or low-quality content. These clients are less likely to trust another translation company, despite having 10+ years of industry experience. There are also clients who prefer to get poor quality translations than pay more money. Below is a comparison of companies that place equal importance on quality and vice versa.

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Cost-conscious companies are often new and have little or no experience. They reduce costs to attract clients but don’t pay much attention to the translation work.

These companies produce sub-par content. They are relatively new to the industry and have little capital. They lack the means to purchase tools that reduce costs while maintaining high quality.

They often hide costs and fees. They show the client the cost of translation and charge additional fees for proofreading, early completion, or expert fees.

These translators are often new and have little experience. They may charge extra for expert services if they do have one.

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These companies are often not certified by ISO or ATA. They are still new. This is why they do not have ISO or ATA certifications. To be a member of these associations, you need experience, the right background and education.


Companies that value quality employ experienced proofreaders and translators. These companies place quality above all else. They will change translators and proofread content if the client isn’t satisfied.

Companies with experience have low prices. This means that they are affordable and can be afforded by everyone. They have the right tools and techniques to reduce costs while maintaining the highest quality translations.

These companies do not charge hidden fees. These companies offer transparent pricing and what you see is what you get. These companies do not charge extra for expert fees or speedy delivery.

Experienced companies are able to draw on their resources. These translators must meet strict requirements before being hired. Before they can be employed, they must have another person review their work before it is sent out to the client.

ATA and ISO guarantee the work they do. These associations have certified and qualified almost all the companies with experience or those that value quality. Many of these companies are accredited by other internationally recognized organizations like UKAS or TAC.
Although it may seem appealing to some, companies that want to be successful in international markets will not make the right choice if they choose quality over cost. It won’t suffice to have your website and product manual in English. You need to be able to communicate in the local language and understand their market trends if you are to establish yourself as a brand in that country. To connect your company with locals, you need to be a local. You will not receive the quality translation you deserve if you continue to prioritize costs.

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Experienced companies don’t charge thousands of dollars. They are often more affordable than other companies. They are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to reduce costs, complete projects on time and offer other services such as localization at no additional price.

These services will determine the future of your investment.