Importance of Credentials – Don’t Believe It Unless You See It


Never assume Credentials are irrelevant in the translation industry. Many people and companies don’t know what credentials are in the translation industry. A company may be confused if a translation service provider claims they are certified, translators. It is essential to only hire a translation company that is licensed and displays its credentials on its site.

What does “Certified Translation Service” mean?

There are many situations in which the term “certified translator” can be used. People who want to be translators in certain countries or states must be sworn in. This allows them to get the approval of any government body in the country. These translators are able to translate legal documents and have them legally certified in other parts of the country or internationally; if you’re looking for someone who can translate legal documents, ensure that they are accredited by an authority.

We also use certified translation with companies and people who have been certified by translation authorities such as ATA. ATA stands for American Translators Association. This is an organization whose sole purpose is to promote and facilitate translators around the globe. If a company has been certified by ATA, they must display the ATA seal on their website. This means that their credentials can be trusted. You can check the ATA website to verify if your company is listed.

Why are Credentials ImImportance of Credentials - Don't Believe It Unless You See Itportant?

A company that has the proper credentials will make your life easier. Before they approve a company or individual, certification associations such as ATA test them and retest them. Before they can be approved for certification, they have to prove their skills to multiple judges. They must also renew their certification every two years. If the company is certified by ATA, there is no way to be cheated.

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Did you know that governments use translation services to pressure companies into using certified translators?
You may also find the right company if they are ISO certified and follow the ISO regulations. You may be familiar with ISO’s work. The International Organization for Standardization, which is responsible for ensuring that companies follow international laws and adhere to ethical work practices, is responsible for delivering what they promise. They ensure that these translation agencies provide high-quality services, are reliable, and protect your data. A company that has ISO certification is a plus as you can be confident in their work ethics and their reputation.

A company’s formal credentials can make or break its image. There are many people and companies who work in translation without proper credentials. However, there are also some individuals and companies who fake them. Asking for certificates is the best way to evaluate a company or individual. Certified companies will always display their credentials. If an individual or company does not show you their certifications or is unwilling to do so, it is likely that they don’t have them.

Do not believe anyone without first seeing their credentials. Your data is valuable, so choose carefully. It could be misused, and your chosen company may not be certified.