Prevention of Cargo Theft

Prevention of Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a terrible crime. It causes inconvenience for the company that maintains the cargo, and it also affects the people who were transferring the load. According to Trucking Info, 40% of freight held by cargo companies were stolen. It was also revealed that cargo hold thefts are most common during the holiday season.
The company also loses billions of dollars due to cargo theft. The loss of cargo is far less than the loss in money. Clients and customers have placed their trust in the company to handle their belongings and property, which the cargo corporation has failed to protect.

Although the trucks that transport the shipment are large enough to be visible from prying eyes, there are many ways that you can prevent cargo theft.

Although they may seem simple, once used, the tips can prevent cargo theft.

The Environment in Use

While no one can stop the theft of cargo, one can make sure that their environment is protected from this evil. To keep thieves away, you can stop for any reason and park your truck on a well-lit and frequently used route. The truck driver can also park their vehicle so that it is difficult to access the back door. You can do this by placing the truck’s rear end against a wall or another car, so it is difficult to access.

Use of tracking devices

Tracking devices that are installed in trucks’ cargo holds can also be used to prevent cargo theft. The people will be able to track their cargo even if it is stolen by thieves if the tracking device is hidden. When the shipment arrives, authorities can monitor the route and alert police if the truck is heading towards unmarked or unfamiliar roads.

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Proper training of staff

Different manoeuvres have been used by drivers to stop cargo thefts. The thieves have developed sophisticated ways to strike thanks to technological advances. These thieves have taken to forging authentic papers and duplicating identifications in order to transport the shipment from warehouses to their destinations.

This is a growing problem, and many gangs are succeeding in their efforts. This can be avoided by teaching your staff how to distinguish between authentic and forged documents. It will save cargo from thefts in warehouses.