Managing the Choice of Attitude – (Vol 2)

Managing the Choice of Attitude - (Vol 2)

In this issue, we’ll take a closer look at the top choice of categories that is attitude. The way you manage a consistent and positive, productive attitude will determine the extent of your accomplishments in the near future. However, it could also be among the most challenging challenges in your life. Through my work, I’ve only met one or two people who have done an excellent job in this.

Why is it that attitude management is such a challenge for us?

It’s because a negative mindset that is accompanied by the defense reflex of the fear of being afraid can be a normal human response. This is real! If you’re looking for proof, check out the news at night. About 80% of communication is negative or conveyed using a negative angle. The sad truth is that we’re more at ease when we hear negative stories than positive news.

But negative thoughts aren’t formed overnight. We begin to view the world through what we consider to be a “healthy” dosage of optimism that protects us from the perceived dangers. This protective mechanism of security becomes habitual, and that habit of pessimism can lead to destructive patterns of mind.

In the same way, you create negative thoughts. In the wake of these negative thinking habits, you begin to construct “comfort areas” for yourself that hinder your personal growth. To reach your Next Level, you must get rid of negative thinking habits that cause you to be afraid of failure or worried about what others might think about you.

A positive attitude can be described as “a predetermined pattern of thinking that is dominated by hope, faith, and optimistic expectation.” The management of a positive, productive attitude is a challenge because it’s not natural or intuitive. It is essential to develop the ability to control a positive outlook through a systematic approach to managing your attitude. Without it, you’ll be vulnerable to your own naturally negative, instinctive thinking.

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How can I get started managing positive attitudes?

1) Awareness

Change that is effective always starts by gaining awareness. People are more likely to be willing to make changes when they realize that the choice will be in the best interest of their family! The first step towards development is to become aware. Once you have increased awareness, you will be able to make choices that will promote a positive attitude.

2) Manage Your Thought Habits

Every thought you think about during the day can be one of either. There is no middle or non-neutral thought. Every second of your thought pattern throughout the day either aids your growth or your stagnation. In your mind, there is no way to be neutral. Your thinking patterns that define your thoughts either increase your progress or cause your decline. It’s that easy!

3) Let fear fall to the curb

Everyone is confronted by the fear of being a victim. It is an instinctual defensive response to any threat perceived. To be successful at the highest level of success, you have to move beyond your current position or place of work. It is impossible to develop without tackling new tasks, abilities, and responsibilities. If you let your natural reactions to fear to guide your thought process, you can hinder your chances of success when you decide to give up or not take action.

Many of those who failed to succeed were not even failing at all. They allowed fear to influence their thoughts and then gave up. Fear of risk and fear of the unknown was more important than the desire to be successful.

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If you’re ready to be successful, utilize your newly acquired understanding of the reasons why negative thoughts are innate to begin overcoming the negative thoughts. The ability to develop a positive attitude is essential for your progress, success, and success.

Attitude is a choice; pick wisely!