Key Emerging Opportunities for Exporting To Latin America

Key Emerging Opportunities for Exporting To Latin America

Latin America is a market that has a steady economic growth rate. This is what makes it a promising export market. This market has been a potential source of business opportunities for those in these industries due to its demand for infrastructure improvements and better education over the past decade.
LATAM is an excellent market for trade in education, mining, water, infrastructure, and agribusiness. Global trade has experienced a substantial increase in the last few years. A lot of Latin America Trade Events have been held, and a global presence established for many businesses from these countries. There are many resources available for Latin American export assistance. These countries have seen a rise in their worldwide import and export figures.


Student mobility, vocational education, and capacity building in the education sector are great opportunities. LATAM’s popularity in research has also increased. The number of student exchanges between Latin America, the United States, and other countries is steadily rising. The economic growth that is consistently leading towards a rise of the middle and upper classes in these countries will lead to a steady increase in education and all infrastructure.


Resources, Equipment, and Technology Services has been a significant sector for international operations. RETS companies are very well-known in Santiago, Chile.

In April 2014, Chile hosted MinExpo, Latin America’s largest show for mining equipment. These countries are becoming critical markets for global business.

Water and Infrastructure

Global businesses are looking for new markets for water and infrastructure services, and Mexico is one of the most popular. Recent activities in these areas include Mexico’s current delegations to Victoria in May/June 2014, which included the research arm of Mexico’s National Water Commission as well as key influencers and irrigation irrigators from Chile‚Äôs sixth region. As far back as 2012, there was also a delegation from 23 infrastructure companies to Chile. All of this leads to one conclusion: Latin America has great export potential.

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Latin America has the largest arable land reserves. Major agricultural producers are Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. There are many business opportunities in the areas of agricultural technology, research, and production.

If you do your research thoroughly, there are many opportunities. Opportunities in Brazil include Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, and Automotive. There are also opportunities for Aerospace, Aviation, and Airports. Opportunities exist in Chile for power generation machinery and equipment as well as industrial machinery and equipment. Mexico has excellent opportunities in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. Columbia offers opportunities in the areas of pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery chemicals, and beverages. These resources are vital for global businesses to increase their exports and imports.

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