Is Your CRM Lying to You?

Is Your CRM Lying to You

I won’t spare the blushes or the embarrassment of the CEO who posted it. However, I couldn’t resist quoting the question from Linked In and commenting.

Is your CRM lying to you?

“Let me start by saying that ?????? is what we use. “We love?????? We find that many sales reps are loading outdated data into our CRM that does not accurately reflect the value of the pipeline. Statistics show that about 80% of pipeline deals are dead. This is why the analogy “Is my CRM lying to me?” was used. “.

The software does not lie, but the data that you rely on may. I would like to know what other people’s experiences were with the accuracy and validation of pipeline data.

What are my thoughts?

This man needs a lot of help.

He is paying a lot of money to sales reps and sales managers, as well as the CRM vendor.

In return, he’s getting complete garbage! Worst, he is demonstrating his ignorance and corroborating the Peter Principle. It’s a disaster.

This is a clear marketing message that these guys bought from someone. “Use this program, and your incompetent selling organization will transform into a sales management best-practice.” It is worth the small investment because the CRM will handle all aspects of technology, management, and process. Foolish is not a word.

These are the results. Amazing.

Don’t bother with the application. You wouldn’t tell anyone how much you loved it if you spent money on something that was utterly ineffective 80% of the time. It’s not true, and I wouldn’t either.

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The CEO should not be enjoying it. He should instead haul his vendors, managers, and salespeople over the coals and find out what is wrong and how to fix it.

The real deal is:

1. Salesmen won’t use any application that gets in the way of their ability to sell products. They are paid for the results they achieve and then fired if those results don’t meet their expectations. They want to sell. They would use the software if it helped them.

2. Sales managers who judge their sales teams on the basis of numbers (calls, prospects, pitches, and proposals) will always have an entire pipeline.

3. Banks should offer jobs to CEOs who believe it is normal for their pipelines to be 80% full of lost deals. They live in cloud cuckoo country.

The bottom line is that there is something seriously wrong in this business. The product isn’t marketable, the pricing is off-par, and the marketing team must go on vacation.

The salesmen are only collecting their salaries until they get a better deal.

Although I don’t like his software, I feel obliged in this instance to support it.

Software is either good or bad – software cannot make up for incompetent business models.

Steve Reeves, the CEO and Founder of Front Office Box, is a Business 2.0 solution that helps small businesses manage their plans, tasks, and relationships. His passion is helping small businesses harness the Internet for more opportunities and better capabilities.

Steve has over 30 years of experience in sales and management roles within the B2B sector, primarily in software consulting and outsourcing.

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