Impact of Globalization on Translation Services – The New Face of Translation Companies

Impact of Globalization on Translation Services - The New Face of Translation Companies

Globalization has been a blessing to the international market. There are many aspects to be discussed, and it would be difficult to include them all in one article. An article I wrote previously about the dangers of Globalization in the translation industry. Following that article, I received many requests to explain the “new techniques” to them.
This article will discuss these “new technologies” with translators and their communities.

CAT Tools

These tools are commonly known as CAT, which stands for Computer-Aided Translation. They are also known as translation memory in a more generalized sense. This tool’s primary purpose is to intervene to prevent unnecessary human attention. These tools are time-saving for the translator and money saving for the client.

How they work

These tools come in many forms, but the best ones will identify sentences or parts of sentences and alert the translator to provide the appropriate translation. This tool works best for content where certain words are repeated or used frequently.

Are you able to use them without any training?

Yes, to a certain degree, especially if you’re using an advanced version of the tool. It will take some training before you can use it for primary purposes. Later, with practice, it will become easier to use. Some companies create their own Translation Memory tools. These essential components are:

Instant Translations – This feature is very similar to that of Google. Simply enter the text, and it will automatically be translated into your target language. The translators will be able to provide some extra assistance for simple and straightforward readers. The translators just proofread the sentence, making sure it is a part of the entire sentence. This helps to keep the flow smooth and clear.

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Translation Glossary: Many translation tools let you keep a translation dictionary at your fingertips. The Translation Memory tools make it possible to search for synonyms for words directly on the website. This reduces lookup time and makes the process seamless.

Translation Memory – This component is central to any CAT interface. The Translation Memory tracks the words, sentences and details of any language previously translated. It will then pop up with suggestions when these sentences appear again. Although it is simple and straightforward, if you dig deeper and use it correctly, it can help reduce translation time and costs, as well as make it easier for translators to deliver the best quality work.

Keyword extraction – This is perhaps the most valuable and intelligent feature of any CAT tool. This tool’s primary function is to analyze the content, extract the information, search for the most complex words and phrases, and provide information that will help you optimize your content for SEO purposes.
This was all about CAT (Computer-Aided Translation Tool). Make sure to use them carefully. Remember that a translator is only as good as the translation. These tools are only for your assistance. These tools are intended to improve the quality of your work and make it more valuable. They should not be used to translate. You can use them but not depend on them.