How To Ship A Motorcycle in 5 Simple Steps


Are you planning to send your motorcycle overseas? Prepare for additional challenges. People steal motorcycles from the United States and then ship them to other countries. Customs officers are now more cautious about handling motorcycle cargo. They will need to verify the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) before processing any shipment.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking to sell your motorcycle or if you’re moving to another country. These are some valuable tips to help you ship your motorcycle overseas.

Choosing a Shipping Company

It is essential to choose a reliable shipping company that offers cost-effectiveness. You should take the time to find the right shipping company for you and your bike. Request quotes from several companies to ensure you get the best deal.


All necessary shipping documents should be collected. It is required to prove that your motorcycle is legally yours and that it can lawfully be shipped abroad. You will need proof of ownership to prove that you own the bike. You will also need documentation that shows the operation of your motorcycle and valid identification. Other documents may be required, so make sure to check with your shipping company.


Take out all fuel.
To avoid electrical problems during transit, unplug the battery or take it out.
To help your bike get from one terminal to the next, make sure you let a little air out of the tires.
Fold the mirrors against the body to protect them.
To avoid any movement, attach anything to the bike.
Take a look at your bike and note any dents or scrapes.

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International shipping will require that your motorcycle be placed in a container. There are many shipping crates that can be used for motorcycles. The straps inside the compartment will secure your bike to reduce damage.


List all current problems with your motorcycle. This document may be required by some companies. When you give the bike over, hand it to the shipping company.

Keep the keys to your bike and the certificate of title. Once you have handed your bike over to the shipping company, make sure to obtain a signed receipt. Always leave your motorcycle in neutral gear when shipping it.

When you reach your destination country, check that the company has returned your motorcycle. You should inspect your bike before signing the delivery receipt. Insurance coverage should be purchased for both your bike and shipping.

Before you sign a shipping contract, make sure you have read and understood every word. After you sign the contract, your shipper may change their policies or charge cancellation fees.

You can solve your motorcycle shipping problems in a pleasant and relaxed manner once you have mastered the basics.