C-Level Relationship Selling – 6 Tips for Overcoming Executive Intimidation

C-Level Relationship Selling - 6 Tips for Overcoming Executive Intimidation

It can be nerve-racking to approach a doctor, senior executive, or another high-ranking government official. This often prevents salespeople from reaching the final decision-makers. This is because we are either projecting or anticipating an unpleasant outcome. Optimistic projection and preparation are the best antidotes. You can be confident that you are smart enough, capable enough, and intelligent enough to meet this high-ranking official, corporate executive, or doctor. You will feel more confident and comfortable if you prepare for the meeting.

Prepare for Yourself

1. Get up. Speak loudly, “Unless I reach the top person and s/he agrees with my solution, I won’t make the sale. End of Story.”
2. No matter what you hear from your contacts, high-ranking executives will always be involved in your sale.
3. What these executives really want is what matters. Ask yourself, “How will I find out what he/she wants?” “How will this Clevel decision-maker discover that I can deliver it?”
4. Get to know the executive.
Ask questions to find out what motivates you. Ask questions to find out his/her motivations and desired results. What questions should you ask?
b. Who is able to go with you? Who is the best source of information about the executive and can travel with you to say what?
c. How do you deal with issues?
5. Be Positive: Say to yourself, “This person is looking at me for a reason.” It is important to me that I know the reason. “He/She needs my information in order to make a safe decision.” “I can solve his/her problem if I know their details.”
6. You can accept the fact that this meeting is not about coercion or pushing.

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Take it to the Streets.

1. Choose three of the top executives from one of your accounts.
2. 2. What are you looking for?
3. What can you say to find out more about each one and how it relates to your sales efforts? Prepare open-ended questions to ask about opportunities, issues, and/or concerns.
4. Who can help set up a meeting? Check your Golden Network

Take this example.

My client, who had worked with me previously, asked me to train his sales team in his larger company. After the training, I asked him what I should do in order to network with the rest of his company. He explained that he was hosting a Christmas party and that the CEO was coming. He invited me to join him if I so desired. He introduced me to the CEO and gave him a brief bio about me. After the introduction, my first words were, “So what’re your issues and concerns in relation to business development within your company?” One year later, I was awarded the contract for his entire company. Was I anxious? You bet. You bet. You can bet that I was.

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