5 Traits of Top Sales People

5 Traits of Top Sales People

It is easy to hire salespeople based on your gut instincts or interview performance. Top executives estimate that only 50% of them will make a hiring decision. So, where does this leave you when choosing the most complex person to hire, the salesman? What if there were a way to identify the winners and eliminate the losers before you hire them?

This article will explain the top characteristics of high-performing salespeople. Use this information to your advantage during the hiring, and you’ll be able to cut down on hiring mistakes. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of what makes top salespeople tick so you can select the winners by focusing on these traits. These traits are described in this article. These traits are explained in further articles to help you select the 6 million dollar men and women of selling.

There are 15 psychological traits that need to be taken into consideration. It is easiest to group them together into five clusters for daily use.

A sense of self

This element is all about your sense of identity and roots. How you respond to challenging situations will be determined by your self-esteem and worth. The mental toughness of the mentally strong protects them against the knock-backs that can result from significant bonus payments. We need to make sure we filter out those who are not fit for the job. It’s not easy to build a great sales team. Although poor performers can be a joy to have around, it’s not a charity. A strong sales team will create a great sense of success in your business.

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Interpersonal skills

Salespeople who are successful have a natural ability to get along with others, build strong relationships quickly, and enjoy meeting new people. Standing in a corner and waiting for orders is not the best way to win big or build a customer base. It is essential to be willing and able to move around the room to capture any potential leads from people you meet. You also need to be able to work with people and capture every lead. This is a crucial aspect of relationships. It will drive your sales team to achieve great things and allow the best to rise to the top. You may have noticed that some people never feel satisfied. This is something you should look for in your sales team.

Motivation & Attitudes To Work

Your ideal sales team will have top-notch candidates who are ambitious. The ideal salesperson will be driven to succeed, organized, and a planner to ensure they achieve their goals. They are likely to be meticulous and will stick to their plan until it succeeds. Our bionic woman is driven by a real sense of urgency to get the next sale, make the next appointment, and close the deals. She won’t stop working until she is at the top of the pile and hitting targets. And she will be doing this every week. Fiendishly active people make fiendishly great sellers!

Need for Control

People who love to lead and command a situation are not the ones who should be merely passengers. The top 20% of your sales team will be your lieutenants. These are the people who expect excellence from others and set goals and targets that encourage everyone to reach them. They will hate bureaucracy and seek out the easiest route to reach their goals. This could include cutting corners or leaving paperwork unfinished if it is not worth it to them. They will be demanding SOBs and arrogant, but it’s worth the effort to make extra sales. They can be stubborn and ignorant, refusing to listen to the other side of the argument.

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It’s easy to overlook or ignore the importance of making an excellent first impression. You make a first impression and set the tone for the rest of the 15-20 times you will see them. Building strong relationships begins with making a good impression. You are more likely to find someone who makes an excellent first impression and has the other traits we have reviewed.