4 Tips to Increase Average Sale Size When You Own a Dollar Store

4 Tips to Increase Average Sale Size When You Own a Dollar Store

Owning a dollar store presents many challenges. You may feel like every time you identify a problem and start to make plans to address it, another one appears. Many times, what appears to be an overwhelming problem ends up being a minor issue that goes away quickly. There are core business issues that will never go away. These core business challenges are just as crucial in your 20th year as they were in your first. From your first day of business to your last, the challenge of increasing the size of your average sale remains. Here are four tips that will increase the size of your average sale in your store.

#1) Offer rewards to shoppers who reach certain purchase levels.

Many retailers offer rewards based on the total amount of purchases within a specific time frame. A small rubber stamp can be used to stamp every $1, $5, or $10 purchase made on a card with your company information printed. This is one of the most effective ways to track actual purchases. You might receive a specific item, a cash discount for the next month, or a percentage discount for reaching different total purchase levels. Many shoppers will purchase more because of the reward.

#2) Maximize end cap utilization.

End caps can make a huge difference in sales. End caps that are well stocked with high-demand merchandise and a catchy sign can help increase dollar store sales. Always be on the lookout to purchase wholesale merchandise that you can prominently display in your end caps. Rotating end cap merchandise on an ongoing basis will increase your average sales.

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#3) Having the right holiday merchandise is crucial to maximizing your annual dollar store sales.

You must order your holiday merchandise promptly. To ensure you have the best products, your initial orders should be placed by the beginning of spring. Make sure you order the correct merchandise. Your sales representative will help you make the right decisions when you start your first dollar store. After you have been through the holiday season, you will be able to identify what holiday merchandise you need. Correctly displaying holiday merchandise is crucial to maximizing sales. These items will not only increase total sales but will also ensure that you have an average sale per transaction.

#4) Customer service is a crucial piece of building a dollar store’s average sale size.

Your customers will spend more time in your store and return more often if they feel like guests. Every employee should be trained in customer service. Set expectations and hold your employees responsible for providing exceptional customer service to every customer who visits your store.

Your dollar store success is yours!