10 Characteristics of a Top Producer

10 Characteristics of a Top Producer

Are you making use of TOP SHELF Skills?

There’s a rule that says that if you were to take every salesperson and analyzed their results, what you’d see is what I refer to as”the “Success Curve.” What exactly is”the “Success Curve”? If we were to take 100 salespeople and 20% of them could outsell the rest part of the population. If we follow 100 salespeople, 20% of the group will fall under this category “High-Performance High Performance, High Octane” winners. 60% of them would be considered average. A normal salesperson won’t make a statement or set the world on fire and does a good job. There’s the lowest 20 percent. The group is near the bottom of the curve of success. If it were a patient in a medical facility, doctors would tell the patient,” this patient is not even remotely having a pulse.”

The breakdown of the Success curve

Top 20 percent: High OctaneHigh-Performing winners

Middle 60 percent Average Joe

The Bottom 20 20% The Bottom 20.

What is it that separates high-octane performance- high performers from the crowd? Through my 15 years of managing, coaching, and training salesforce members, I’ve been able to identify ten traits of top performers. These ten competencies or characteristics are prevalent among people who are in the top 20% of salespeople and are absent in ordinary Joe and those who are lower tiers of the population. The positive side is that even in the event that you’re not currently a high-performance super-achiever, you can train yourself to get there. Let’s look at the ten essential skills of the most successful super-salespeople with high octane.

A High Demand to win

They have a high desire to be successful. They are enthusiastic about selling and enjoy an adrenaline rush from making a sale. They want to win, and they love winning, and they have a tendency to win. It all begins with their goals. They have a routine of planning and reaching goals. This is a skill that anyone could learn and develop an established habit of success that is your own.

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Killer People Skills

They are blessed with Killer People Skills. They don’t only mean that they’re likable. They possess a KEEN capacity to influence customers. They use their people abilities to convince customers to cooperate with them at their prices. The difference is crucial: Average Joe is a talker about their products, services, and processes. The top performers are focused on people and their relationships. The product being promoted is not as important as the people’s capabilities. The positive aspect is that anyone can improve their skills as a person.

They control the sale.

They are the ones who control the sales. The top performer follows an organized method and develops ground rules. These rules are designed to level the playing field and place the estimator in charge of the sales. The average Joe lets the prospect decide and follow the prospect’s direction. Superstars have control from the beginning, and they manage the process in a way that makes the person feel comfortable about the whole process. One could say that super-achievers are adept in setting the ground rules for prospects and aren’t willing to leave in the event that a potential client isn’t ready to play pretty.

They are sold at a value, not a price.

They realize that buyers buy emotionally, not rationally. It is awe-inspiring how many sales professionals do not grasp this basic fact. People purchase emotionally and then make a sale based on rationality and reasoning. The battle to sell is decided by the heart first and then in the head later.

Superb Questioning Skill

The high octane super performers who are high-performing are incredibly attentive and questioning abilities. They don’t inquire… they pose great questions that guide buyers to discover the reasons why they should purchase. They don’t just tell them; they just ask. And they do this by using a well-developed skill of asking the correct inquiries at just the right moment.

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They Always Set a Goal

They have their own personal and professional objectives and a written strategy that outlines how they are planning to reach their goals. It may sound simple, but it’s true that 73% of sales professionals were interviewed (according to the Objective Management Group, out of MA)

Believe that they’ll be successful.

The eighteenth thing is having an extremely positive attitude and taking responsibility for your own outcomes. Super achievers are convinced that they can be successful. They are optimistic, which keeps them going even when things aren’t looking so bright. When things don’t go the way, they are responsible for their own actions and don’t blame the economics, the weather, or the time in the course of the season. They know what they need to do and believe in themselves and see that they are the ones who control their destiny.

They’ll never stop hunting.

They keep a constant and constant flow of new business opportunities. There’s a reason why they are able to perform at such a high level. They’re not afraid to search for new opportunities. Many salespeople I know have shallow pipelines or have an entire channel to “empty.” The classic feast or the famine syndrome. They not only have a whole pipeline and are brimming with high-quality opportunities with an excellent chance of closing.

It is possible to have a system.

This is perhaps the most crucial characteristic of all. High performance, high octane salespeople ALL use a method. They follow a step-by-method that they adhere to like a book. They don’t let prospects cause them to drift off. They comply with this method as if it’s their religion and employ it to maximize their performance with prospective customers.

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You’ve got it. If you’d like to master top-quality high-octane, high-octane abilities, and characteristics that are high-performance and traits, then you should pay attention to the ten points I’ve just discussed with you. Take each one at a time until you’ve got them all. After that, relax and relax to listening to the sounds of “cha-ching.”

If it’s going to be or not, that’s my decision. From now until the next issue, Take care and be good selling. I’d like to meet you in the winners’ circle.


The founder and president the founder and president of The Training Group Inc., located in Phoenixville, Pa., Carl has dedicated his entire life to the purpose of increasing the quality of performance possible to improve human performance. He has worked with over 250 clients in the business sector all the way from California up to New York. He has assisted numerous companies in increasing their sales, increase their staffing, and design strategies that produce results. Carl has more than 12 years of experience as a business consultant and expert in business development.