Stimulating Sales Channel Success – Managing Via Influence

Stimulating Sales Channel Success - Managing Via Influence

What do you have to manage your channel associates who aren’t accountable to you and have multiple different product lines?

Let them know how you can assist them in selling more faster, with less expense, or win against. Significant rivals… as well as make it simple for them to achieve this!

What do you need to do? Here are some of the essential elements to success.

1. Determine the market segments you want to pursue.

Find out which segments of the market that are likely to purchase your product, as well as what individuals (titles/roles) they’ll have the most success.
Define the needs that your solution meets for each of these groups as well as individuals.
Tell them why your product is superior to the alternatives (i.e., competitors, creating it in-house, or sticking with what they already have) for each category, the title, or role.
Make sure they have only enough product and market understanding with regards to strengths and weaknesses in comparison to. The competition for them to effectively market your unique value. Do not overload the sales team with excessive detail. You can also have additional resources on a regular basis.

2. Set the primary selling process key sales process milestones

Examine the specific steps the best-sellers are taking to reach out to the final client.
Then, you can translate this into the most critical small milestones of the sales process and then the steps required to meet each stage.
Find and create the selling tools required for every stage. For instance, you might need an online ROI calculator for speeding up analysis of the options milestone.

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3. Help them sell their products

The most critical aspect of managing through influence is to give them an actual benefit each time you engage with them.
Aid them in establishing the sales strategy, including how to increase the sales force and expand into all of their markets.
Conduct regular meetings and conference calls that give insight into strategies selling, selling against—the business’s performance, competition, and promotions, etc.
Set up Key Intervention Points in the sales process. These are the areas during the sales process where you can be the most effective. You can encourage them to join you at these points.
Concentrate on helping themselves and selling to them. As early as the ramp-up of partners, you’ll have to be the primary one in presentation, particularly in relation to requirements of the market, the capabilities of the product, as well as competitive benefits. Your task is to develop their capacity to address these subjects effectively.
Monitor and improve results using sales force automation tools and regular contact with their sales managers to discover where they need support, such as training or information needs, and also winning particular accounts.

As a marketing and sales consultant for over 20 years, Ron is able to assist companies in drastically enhance their marketing and sales outcomes in complex selling environments. The results include meeting sales goals, generating qualified leads, improving conversion rates, increasing sales process speed, and controlling the cost of marketing and sales. Ron has worked with top companies in the industry like HP, Cisco, Synopsys, Siemens, Philips, Alliance Imaging, and rapidly-growing companies like NetSuite, Zeus Technology, and Zonare. Before that, during his time at HP, Ron was consistently named an outstanding performer in the areas of sales, marketing, and management positions in the field of software, computers, and medical technology.

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