Why Aren’t You Doing a Better Job of Managing Your Sales Team?

Why Aren't You Doing a Better Job of Managing Your Sales Team

I don’t care about whether your product transforms lead to gold, but if your salespeople do not go out and do a great sales pitch for your item, you’re not going to be a product manager for very long. I’ll admit that you’re not the one running the department of sales, and you’re probably not part of the sales team, but the success of your product depends on the actions of that department with your product, so it is time to start managing your sales team.

Walking A Very Beady Line

If you are contemplating, “All right, I’m authorized to go into the store and talk to the sales reps about that they’re not marketing my products!” I have a word for you: do not.

Salespeople are a different animal from product managers and, because of this difference, there is always the chance of conflict in our interactions. Our motives differ (your product may be just one of the many they need to sell), Our timelines vary (you are contemplating the future model of your item, while they are contemplating the coming close of the financial quarter), and so on.

The salespeople in your business have their own boss; they don’t require you to serve as a replacement. But, you do have a stake in their success marketing your products. That means you’ll need to be creative here.

The 3 Keys to Increasing sales to sell more of Your Product

To start to manage the sales team that sells your product, you’re going to have to discover ways to collaborate with the sales team without looking like you’re trying to instruct them how they should do their work.

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The first step you’ll require to do this is access to the software that tracks sales for your business. Every business is equipped with one, and if you talk to the right people as an executive in charge of a product, you will be in a position to access it. Once you’re inside, you will be able to track the way sales for your product are being followed by salesperson or region, and by time and possibly even by the country.

After analyzing some numbers on sales for the product you sell, you might be tempted to run towards sales and then to showcase your new know-how by telling them about the things they’re doing wrong regarding selling your product. Once more, Don’t.

It is essential to recognize that software for tracking sales is always based on incomplete information. The narrative they present isn’t always accurate. If you observe the trend of declining sales for the sale of your product, maybe scheduling a lunch date with a sales representative to discover what’s actually happening is an appropriate next step (you are paying to eat lunch!)

The importance of sales metrics

The next thing you’ll require to manage your sales team is the sales metrics. The most disastrous thing that could occur would be to allow your sales staff to determine their objectives for your product without having any input from you. Numerous factors can trigger changes in your product the weather patterns, time of the year markets, weather patterns, etc. The variables that impact your development are specific and are only applicable to your product. You must work with them in order to determine the selling metrics for your product.

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Spend the time to determine the factors that impact the sales of your product and discuss them with your sales team. Be sure they are aware of which metrics affect how they will accomplish their tasks.

Coaching that is hands-on.

How did your sales team discover the product? Did you conduct a significant launch of your product, then throw some brochures about your product to them, and then instruct that they should go and market it? That’s great – what sort of results can you get from that?

As an element of your product manager’s job, you’ll need to devote time to design an ongoing training program for your sales team. The tone and style of the coaching sessions are going to be crucial. It is not your job to be an employee of the sales department; therefore, you must ensure that you don’t come off as like you’re trying to instruct them on “how you can sell.”

What you’re going to need to do is speak with the sales team with a positive attitude that acknowledges the issues they face and gives them details that can help them to achieve success. You’re a source of market and product information and not a sales coach!

What Does This All Mean What Does It Mean To You

As a product manager, you are the product’s CEO. In the role of the CEO, it is your job to ensure that the sales teams of your company do an excellent job in marketing your products.

Even though you aren’t in sales overseeing the entire sales staff responsible for marketing your products is something you must manage. The trick to doing this is to do it in a manner that encourages your sales team to increase the sale of your product and not come appearing insensitive.

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There are three keys that let the sales team be open to your sales message. Your company’s sales tracking software as well as sales metrics and coaching in person that you offer. These keys provide a different understanding of the sales process and assist you in making your product even more effective.