What Is a Purple Cow? – Make Your Business Stand Out Of The Crowd

What Is a Purple Cow - Make Your Business Stand Out Of The Crowd

Although starting your own business is an outstanding achievement, it is just the beginning. Next, you need to find a way that your business stands out from the rest. Find out what makes your business unique and what you can do to make it stand out. Your goal should be to build a truly unique company.

This article will provide some ideas and tips to make your business stand out among the rest. This article will discuss how to add the WOW factor to your company. This will give you an advantage over your competitors. Are you ready?

What is the Purple Cow?

The “Purple Cow” was the idea of Seth Godin. After looking at cows for some time, they look almost identical. They become boring and monotonous, and they all end up looking the same. A purple cow would be something very different, and in fact, quite extraordinary. It would draw attention and be the subject of many conversations. It wouldn’t be forgotten very quickly. This is what you need in order to stand out and be different from others- your purple cow.

Marketing is possible with the purple cow. Marketing is the art of creating something in the product or service you sell that customers will notice. It is essential to market your product correctly. It doesn’t matter how fancy your advertising is. Without a purple cow, it will be invisible. To get it to leap out and shout (or cry), you need to make it purple. You can say, “HERE I am!”

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Many business owners don’t put the principle of the purple cow to use in their businesses because they don’t know how to create a truly fantastic idea that will amaze everyone. It takes effort and a few people coming up with ideas.

People fear being criticized, successful and disliked by others. This is another reason why you don’t see many purple cows on the market. You will be charged if you are exceptional. It will hurt. You will be heard and not liked by everyone. Who is the real winner? People who are different in any way are more likely to be ridiculed and scrutinized. It’s the price you have to pay in order to be truly extraordinary.

According to Seth Godin (the creator of the purple cow concept), “In a crowded market, fitting in is failing.” He continues to state that in a busy market, being invisible is equivalent to not standing out. Although being invisible is safe, it won’t get you to the top. You must resist the temptation to follow the rules and be safe if you want to succeed in your quest for excellence and greatness. Be bold, brave, and never be afraid to be different. Do you remember the old saying, “No guts, no glory”? It’s right on the money!

Be Different

You need to identify what makes you stand out and make you stand out from your competition. You can then focus on what makes you different and find ways to celebrate that. Your unique selling point will be built on your differences. This vision must be clear for your company. It is essential to be clear about your vision for branding your business. What is unique about your products and services? You can then use that information to help you package your products in a way that will make people go WOW!

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A business plan should include a description of how you will be unique. This is something that every business can do. Do not be lazy or make excuses. You must put in a lot of effort and think. Although anyone can start a business or offer services, you need to go further. It is essential to put in extra effort and go the extra mile. You don’t have to put in 100% effort, but 200 percent. Find your niche, then find the right people to help you. While you can sell the same products to 50 businesses in your local area, you will be able to create a unique selling proposition that attracts customers.