Understanding Chinese Culture

Understanding Chinese Culture

Sayonara is my friend if you can’t!

An old Chinese saying states that a fish gives a man life. Teaching a man how to fish will provide him with a lifelong supply of food. The Chinese have always been a favorite of mine. One race, in particular, amazes me: The Chinese. Despite not being taught economics in school, they seem to be among the most creative and successful people on the planet.

It is like taking a college course in sociology to understand their culture and practices. They have established an international model for finance and communication and are a significant player in the business. We will briefly examine their cultural differences, which have helped to open the eyes of the rest of the world.


China defies economic laws because they use cheap labor, but their economy is among the strongest in the entire world. How did they manage that? While many companies tried to find cost-effective ways of reducing input costs and increasing output, it didn’t work. This created domino effects that affected other organizations. They are subject to redundancies, union tribalism, and other atrocities.

But when was the last time you saw a Chinese industrial operation? Their labor cost is low compared to the production output, but they seem to be the most productive force on the planet because they are resourceful.


The Chinese are also averse to the fundamental marketing principles that we have been taught in school when it comes to communication. Language is the most essential part of customer service and in the overall organization. Unfortunately, the Chinese are not often understood when they deliver their service. These businessmen and women are often not able to communicate effectively in English with their customers, despite being bright.

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Credit seems to be an innovative way to build wealth in today’s financial industry, but it works in reverse for the Chinese because most of their business is cash-only transactions. Although their business model is “take it or lose it,” most Chinese are able to secure contracts in all business sectors, both locally and globally. Many would advise against resembling their business model as you could lose your business quickly.

There is an old Jamaican saying that “Puss and dawg have the de same luck,” meaning that cats and dogs do not have the same chance or luck in life. If we are able to break from the norm and be as unconventional as our Chinese counterparts, it might mean we have to close down your business. The Chinese are the best at surviving in the 21st Century, and I salute them!


Language should not be a barrier to business communication. International domain registration is available that corresponds to the culture and language of your market.