Trade Show Secrets – How to Close a Year’s Worth of Business in a Few Days

Trade Show Secrets - How to Close a Year's Worth of Business in a Few Days

How To Close More Sales At Your Booth:

We are aware that trade shows cost money to attend. I’ve met numerous companies who are spending over seven figure for travel exhibitions, materials, and exhibits. It’s a lot of money for a single shot at speeding up the sales process.

Are you spending a lot on your next trade event? Do you want to transform your booth at trade shows into a selling machine? With the right equipment your booth could give you a year’s worth sales in just a couple of days. Without these, it’s likely to become a time-waster and a huge burden on your business’s balance account.

I have met a lot of people in the sales and trade show industry who aren’t sure how to make the most of these opportunities. To begin I’d like to dispel the biggest misconception. While I’ve mentioned in the past that trade fairs are an excellent venue to generate sales but that’s only half the truth – they are actually the perfect place to close your sales. If you’d like to utilize your booth to generate an influx of new orders then you’ll need to lay the foundations over the course of the weeks and months prior to the show. Here are some actions you can do now that can lead to an order for purchase that is signed at your next trade fair.

1. Write down your schedule:

What number of days will you be during the trade show? What amount of time will be required for travel or for setting up your booth? Are there any meetings that you’ll be required to take part in? While these questions may sound, the best moment to address these questions will be today, and not weeks before you travel to the airport. You should know the number of days and hours you’ll be able to work and what commitments you have already put on your schedule.

2. You can ask your clients and prospective customers:

Do you have important clients and potential customers who will be attending your event? It’s best to create lists of those who will be there and then schedule times to speak with them. It’s easy for people to put off the planning process until the last minute, but the truth is that once you’ve stepped foot in your stand, you’re usually too late. There’s so much happening at a trade show that it can be difficult to catch the top contacts without having a scheduled time.

3. Widen your net:

Additionally, this is a good moment to discover the potential clients who are attending the next trade show. Trade shows provide a wonderful setting to make personal introductions, quick firing presentations, or simply getting acquainted with the people and women who you’d like to pitch your products to in the near future. Even if you don’t have certain commitments to them, you can identify the top prospects who will be at the event so that you’ll be reminded to keep an eye out for them in the near future.

Key Management Point:

When your next event draws closer, certain sales teams and exhibitors will be busy making preparations for the show and others will choose to leave the rest to chance. It doesn’t take a genius to know which one is likely to surpass their sales targets. What sort of ROI will you get from the thousands of dollars you’re investing on the next trade event? Keep in mind that you can transform your booth at trade shows into a sales tool But you need to begin now.