The Sales Professional Creed

The Sales Professional Creed

What is the real meaning of “Sales Professional”? What does it mean to be a Sales Professional? They share a set of core values. They do not measure success by how much money they make but by how they conduct business and benefit their clients. The Sales Professional Creed is a guide that helps serious salespeople who want to be Professionals first.


Notice that I did not say consultant, advisor, or representative. I said Sales Professional. I work in a fast-paced environment with changing markets and different conditions. I’m very skilled at what I do.


To be a good representative of my company and myself, I dress professionally and maintain a clean appearance at all times. I’m punctual and always on time. I am polite, courteous, and well-aware of the culture in which I live. I don’t use profanity or make lewd comments when conducting business.


My focus is only on the customer. Customer is my number one asset. My job is to assist him in his success and show him the way. This loyalty is what makes me successful and gives credit to my company.

I am a listener first; I listen first, ask intelligent, focused questions, determine needs and wants, analyze, and then apply the appropriate solutions based upon what my company can produce and deliver. Listening gave me the tools to make my customer and my company successful.

I am present; I am an asset to my customer and a valued friend. I am there for him throughout the entire sales process, from start to finish. Based on my knowledge and relationship, I can anticipate his needs. Referrals are my reward. Today’s presence ensures that I will continue to be loyal and a friend to my company for the future.

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I am proactive; I don’t wait or hesitate. If it needs doing, I do it. I am a firm believer in urgency and understand that completing a task takes action and energy. Focus and information lead to action.

I use my intelligence; if I’m not sure, I study. To help me improve my craft, I rely on mentors and coaches. To succeed, I look for the guidance of those who have succeeded in my field. I’m open to constructive criticism. I am always looking for ways to improve my craft. These actions help me improve my performance, honor my company and be a leader within.


I will never offer anything that I don’t provide. I will not sacrifice my principles for a career or opportunity. I stand by my principles. I don’t lie or cheat. I don’t sell using manipulation, gimmickry, or high pressure. I will not sell to companies whose values are different from mine. I adhere to the highest standards in accountability. It is essential to do the right thing for your business.