Sales Management – Three Ways to Get Your Staff to Generate Leads and Income

Sales Management - Three Ways to Get Your Staff to Generate Leads and Income

There are numerous ways your employees can contribute to earnings by generating leads. However, most employees are so used to managing tips for companies that they ignore opportunities to make sales. Finding these additional opportunities is among the objectives of a sound sales management system, as these leads are costing the business nothing and can contribute substantially to the revenue.

Every type of industry and selling differs; however, your employees should contribute significantly to your earnings through the generation of leads. Here are some basic strategies that can increase your income by a significant amount with proper sales management. Utilize these easy methods to direct your employees’ attention to developing leads and sales each day.

A Call to Neighbors

A straightforward modification to your company’s culture that shows the best sales management practices is to make it a requirement to contact neighbors. Each time someone on your team is making a phone call on a client, it is a good idea to call neighbors. These methods work for the consumer as well as in businesses. Every company has neighbors. A sound sales management system could require every representative to speak with three neighbors during each visit to a potential customer. This method of sales management turns one stop into three. There are set numbers to be reached, for instance, one appointment for every ten people who are called upon. This method will boost the number of presentations your employees give each and every week without having to pay to advertise. It only works when Sales managers insist on getting three addresses, names, and telephone numbers that are mentioned in every visit report, and also if they keep track of the number of appointments are created by the people who are contacted by neighbors.

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Reporting Referrals

The referral process isn’t an effective source of leads for some companies due to the fact that the boss doesn’t make it happen. It is essential to establish goals for referrals with your employees that they are willing to. A good manager will insist that you collaborate with them to come up with a script that is successful and then get the staff to practice until it is routine. In the end, a successful manager should make it an integral part of each sale call to provide the list of referrals received and keep track of the number of referrals that resulted in appointments and/or sales. It is only through keeping records of the number and congratulating team members who achieved or exceeded their goals, and helping those who failed that you can ensure your goals are achieved.

Incorporating An Executive Club

Another excellent sales management method is to ask everyone in the team to be active in executive clubs, such as The Chamber Of Commerce, Business Networks International, and many more. A competent sales manager will collaborate with each team member to determine how they can identify names and schedule appointments during meetings. Furthermore, in order to be successful, the sales manager needs to keep track of the number of contacts that were made at each session, and the many appointments and connections were made, and how many results in sales.

Many feel that this is too hard work, but remember that making low-cost or free sales is the reason you are essential to the business. Focusing your employees on increasing customers and contacts is the key to successful sales management.

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