Maxwell Technologies – The Leading Provider of Energy Storage and Power Delivery Solutions


A Brief History of Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies, a San Diego-based company, is the headquarters of Maxwell Technologies. Maxwell Technologies has been a leader worldwide in the development, manufacturing and marketing of energy storage and power delivery systems for over 45 years. David J. Schramm is the current president and chief executive officers, and John J. Warwick is the senior vice president. They lead the company as industry leaders in these markets together with a group of other people:


Heavy Transportation

Renewable Energy

Backup power

Wireless communications

Consumer and Industrial Electronics

Trustworthy Products at Value-Driven Prices

Maxwell Technologies is able offer solutions that are superior in performance, reliability, value, and support with exceptional application engineering and field service. Maxwell Technologies offers the following products to its customers:

Ultra capacitors- Ultra capacitators are devices that can be used in multiple applications, such as hybrid buses and semi-trucks and hybrid and electric cars. They also work with electric trains, aircraft and energy grids. These devices can store and release energy quickly. These devices can be used to supplement a primary source of energy, such as an internal combustion engine or fuel cell that is unable to provide short bursts. They are a green alternative to energy. These are the components of the ultra capacitors product range:

PC10 series, HC series, D cell series, K2 series, 16 volt small modules, 16 volt large modules, 48 volt modules, 56 volt UPS modules, 75 volt power modules, 125 volt transportation modules, 160 volt modules, and engine start module.

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Maxwell Technologies’ Microelectronics offers the most current technical information and resources in relation to our microelectronic space solutions. These are the main components of the microelectronics product range:

Single-board computer for space; amplifiers and comparators for Space, A toD converters for Space, D toA converters For Space, memories for Spa, switches & multiplexers For space, nuclear event detectors For space, interface logic for Spa.

These capacitors can be used in high voltage and high voltage environments. They are made to last for many decades. These products are used in the gas insulated and life tank circuit breakers to ensure voltage distribution uniformity, dead tanks switchgear breakers to increase the breaking power, generator breakers for power plants, as well as capacitive transformers for precise voltage measurement. These are the high voltage products:

MV capacitors and dividers. Coupling capacitors. GIS capacitors. Capitive voltage dividers. Specialty capacitors.

Maxwell Technologies Advantages

Maxwell Technologies provides reliable energy with an environmental emphasis. Maxwell Technologies announced on November 10, 2013 that super capacitors from their company are being used in Chinese hybrid buses. The buses will be lighter and more efficient thanks to the capacitors. Maxwell Technologies will be able to provide more important developments such as the one above.

ASAP Semiconductor should be a publicly traded company by 2020. It should be the primary buying platform and resource for aviation components, board-level components, and information technology hardware, for both small and large businesses, as well as Fortune 500 corporations.