Key “Selling” Skills a Strong Leader Must Possess

Key Selling Skills a Strong Leader Must Possess

To assist a team to get results, a leader must lead and inspire people to achieve a variety of objectives. They must be able discern what motivates people and then explain what’s necessary to achieve those outcomes. Persuasion is crucial to get them to agree with an idea or suggestion. These are the basic abilities that can aid a leader to achieve more effective outcomes.

The ability to communicate their leadership abilities

It’s easy to lead when times are good, however most leaders show their true colors when times get tough. Being an example of leadership is the best way to earn respect from your peers as an individual leader. A leader who is successful is in a position to demonstrate to their team members that they are the person to be following and convince them that they will assist everyone to succeed in achieving their goals. Being able to recognize the best performers and hold the underperformers accountable can help to earn respect from the people around you as an effective leader. When people are aware of these abilities it is easy to guide them to work together as a team.

The ability to educate the team about new guidelines or policies

Being the leader can mean having to deliver bad information. If you’re the owner of the practice and the financial standing for the business is poor and you are not able to give the practice a raise this year will be well received. If you’re the practice manager who is the owner and they have made the decision to upgrade their technology, then the staff might be unhappy by learning new software.

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One of the most important skills for leaders is the capacity to get others to recognize the benefits of making changes. Policies or procedures that are new may seem more laborious or difficult in the short-term but the benefits could be far more rewarding in the future. Effective leaders can overcome resistance to change from their team and help to focus on positive results.

The ability to convince the team on innovative ideas

Companies that fail to evolve and change with changes in the market will be left behind and are at risk of going out of business. There are many reasons why team members oppose new ideas. The status quo can be comfortable for some, but others don’t want to commit the time and energy taking on something new.

Leaders must be able sell the team how the new idea can bring them benefits. This usually means understanding the individuals who are involved in the implementation and describing how it will affect the team. In order to get their support, it will increase the chances that improved results can be achieved quicker.

Ken Smith is Vice President of Peak Performers, Inc. An organization that specializes in supporting the business advisory and staffing requirements of dentists as well as their practices. With more than 20 years of experience in the health industry, Ken’s experience includes overseeing operations at several dental practices as well being involved in the veterinary and optometric fields. Ken has experience in the business aspect of management of practices and has expertise in areas such as HR management and interviewing and recruitment and customer service, as well as the growth of revenue.

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