Digital To Print – Sales Manager Tips To Bliss

Digital To Print - Sales Manager Tips To Bliss

Our client, a director of sales, was digging again in order to understand the seemingly inexplicably low performance of a portion of his sales force of 100 people. The products they sold were appropriate in the right market. However, there was a gap.


After speaking with several members of his sales team, it was evident. The time required presentation to be professionally prepared was way over the top and was costing his team valuable time selling. The process of downloading artwork and copy for the regional PowerPoint and proposals was difficult and time-consuming, and not to mention the absence of a uniform format for the less confident of heart members of his team. My call to me immediately led to a custom-designed process and software.


I have proposed a custom base software program that can be used to create customized applications that meet our customers’ specific needs. It could be a Web platform that allows editable templates to create sales proposals using downloads from the site. The final product will be secure, turnkey, customizable, scalable, and scalable to meet the unique needs when it comes to search, sorting, viewing the proposal, downloading, or sending elements using the “browser” template.

This applies to the customer’s internal system will allow our clients’ sales representatives to design their custom proposals from pre-approved template files that can be downloaded. We organized the templates into ten areas of proposal elements.

The benefits of this strategy will allow the sales team to:

Use any or a few sections to meet any particular customer’s specific advertising needs,

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Edit all artwork and text to meet the specific needs of each user and

Create, save the final proposals from the corporate website link, or send the proposal directly to their clients.

Project Overview The Phase One (Digital)

Our aim is to create a real-time download and transfer tool that is approved by 100 managers and salespeople in order to quickly create and modify proposals to develop a vast client and product list.

We initially thought of an application on the internet that would include the following service and product areas:

1. Advertising on the internet
2. Electronic newsletter
3. digital magazines
4. E-blasts
5. Webcast sponsorships
6. Keyword sponsorships.

If the project is successful, it will allow for the expansion of the remainder of the exhibition and magazine product areas that are available for the software application proposal writer.

Each drop-down template could be available for download from a collection of elements. These elements of collaborative content would include logos, illustrations, and copy elements to incorporate into the template. It is expected that any change to any aspect of the library would be consistent across the library’s materials. Output formats can be 8 1/2″ 11″ horizontal or vertical designs.


An Agency (account manager) person will be the person who is in charge of managing this task for the client. They will work in the account management group that is led by a professional project manager.

The account manager will lead group members through the initial phase of transition. After the change was completed, the processes were are in place, documents were written, and the lead agency account executive would work with the Account Management Team to manage daily demands.

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The agency’s responsibilities will encompass the following: – Management of programs and implementation – Ongoing communication and assistance – Process documentation, suggestions, and improvements Continuous quality improvement to the program schedule, Reporting, metrics, and aiding IT team areas of responsibility Design and development of the site testing collaboration with the IT department Continuous improvement of the quality of the program.

A written description of the process for managing projects starting from the beginning to the end of billing with a flow chart that outlines the key steps, will be provided for the customer.

Library Elements and Templates for Digital Proposal Makers

Illustrations and Artwork
Logos – Prospects/Customers
Six Digital Headers (masters) that comprise: E-newsletters, online advertising E-blasts, digital magazines, blasts Webcast sponsorships Keyword sponsorships.

Executive Summary
Digital analysis of the environment

Online audience/service overview/benefits…all products

Goals of the advertising campaign for clients and benefits of six digital services. The way each recommended product service assists the client in achieving their objectives.
Digital review of product content

Advertising Summary – What suggestions aid in achieving to sell, increase traffic, or perform other goals.
This section contains specifications and information on every digital media suggested.

Campaign Schedule
Calendar/schedule matrix

Budget for Programs
Online rate matrix of solution

Improved services to ensure long-term review and enhancement of the current recommendations for programs.

Contact Information Individualization of each office for sales.

Addendum required backup to help answer any questions asked in the proposal or offer opportunities to more involvement…5 up to 10 components.

If we were able to successfully integrate all of the digital product and service apps, We would then begin the introduction of publications and event content on the website. This would include establishing an online link that was created directly from our client’s headquarters sales support site to a landing page or storefront fully branded to our customers’ end-users and a dedicated domain. Once the username and password were verified, downloaded content modifications in accordance with our client’s approval were scheduled on an annual basis.

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After every salesperson became comfortable with downloading art and copy elements straight into presentations using an online site, the proposals would start flowing, which would result in a rise in international and national sales performance.