Collecting Information is Key to Increasing Sales

Collecting Information is Key to Increasing Sales

Sometimes, trying to find the business and then open an account can be like detectives in the process of solving a mystery. For salespeople to function as effectively as a detective, they have to be able to collect all the essential clues and facts. We’ve discussed before that gathering customer data from external sources is critical to increasing sales. Another way to collect essential information is by talking with various people from the side of the customer. Every interaction offers an opportunity to gather data and gain a better understanding. This will increase sales.

The information you need

Before you get into the habit of getting the most value from each encounter, it is helpful to determine what information is required. This will vary for every salesperson; however, below are some general areas that are applicable to the majority of sales professionals.

Contacts: It’s crucial to outline the organization’s communications to determine who is responsible for what. You must identify those who use the system, the key decision-makers, the influencers, and others. There might be contact information that is available through published sources, but it’s more likely that the contact information you require isn’t readily available. Therefore, every time that you are having with someone from the side of the customer, you must ask questions that help build an understanding of the organization’s landscape.

The current state of affairs: must determine the condition in the specific area of the product you’re selling. Determine if the client has purchased a product from a competitor and if they are, then try to discover the product they bought and when.

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Pain One of the most critical factors to increase sales is to find out where there is the source of pain. It is a sign that something isn’t working for the client. If there’s no pain, then there is very little likelihood that the client will spend money.

Important Business Questions: You’ll be looking for the customer’s crucial business issues.

Internal Processes: To be able to close deals and provide increased sales, you must be aware of the internal processes used by customers. You’ll need to understand what the decisions are made, what purchases are funded and approved as well as how projects are scheduled and so on.

Political: It is beneficial to know the political climate from the perspective of the customer. There are politics everywhere, and if you’re selling something, it’s likely that you will encounter influences from the political realm that could arise and be detrimental to your business. If you know the political climate, it is possible to be in a position to prevent this from occurring or be prepared if it does happen.

How to effectively collect information

We’ve outlined some of the details you require. As you will see, there’s an abundance of information you can gain from knowing. Some salespeople just dial a phone or attend a meeting with knowledge about their products and depend on their ability to answer the questions they have to ask. When you approach this in this manner, it’s possible to close the conversation or meet without obtaining crucial details.

Another option is to sketch out the information you need and then structure the questions that could be asked and keep them on your desk while calling and during meetings.

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