Closing More Sales in a Down Economy

Closing More Sales in a Down Economy

No matter what economic conditions they face, great closers can sell regardless of the economy. Even in these difficult times, top closers still excel. This article will discuss the characteristics of great closers as well as how they use these to increase sales in today’s market.

To gain the trust of prospects and get them to spend their money, top closes employ several vital characteristics. Although no one characteristic will win every sale, being able to control and maximize each trait will significantly increase your chances of closing the deal. Think back to the last $10K+ purchase you made as you read this article. These are the characteristics that you would not buy from someone else.

Being likable is critical.

People will buy from people they feel comfortable with. People like to purchase from people they can relate to or wish to be like. Our job is to be like the buyer. It is essential that we can agree with the buyer when it is appropriate and disagree when necessary. It takes a lot of people skills to be liked by everyone. A sales professional who is victorious will know when their buyer likes and dislikes them. This knowledge will help them determine the best way to approach their customers.


A sales superstar’s ability to inspire enthusiasm in everyone they meet is one of their most important attributes. There is a simple concept at the heart of all books: if one person is enthusiastic, others will be too. It’s like an epidemic or common cold where one person gets infected, and the disease quickly spreads to others. Unbridled enthusiasm will infect everyone you come in contact with. Your ability to spread contagiousness to customers must be controlled. It is also possible to do the opposite. People who are depressed tend not to be happy with themselves and those around them. Your ability to inspire and motivate customers to be positive and enthusiastic will directly correlate to how many people you close each day. You’ll be more successful if you spread enthusiasm; that’s a guarantee.

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Learning from past mistakes

We discussed being likable and being capable of determining whether the buyer is willing to buy from us. Although buyers are less likely to buy from people they don’t like, it’s impossible to make everyone like yourself. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot turn someone but feel that they would buy from someone else, you need to be able to look back at the interaction to determine what went wrong so you can approach the situation again. You can say that they were losers, but you must be able and willing to look back at the interaction to determine where you went wrong. Next time you meet the same buyer, however, you should be able to read them, properly approach them, and close the deal.

Understanding buying signs

People often make funny, bizarre, or strange purchases when they are ready to buy. These signs are essential to recognize and be ready to strike at the right moment. One of my friends wrote an article about buying signs for seminar attendees. He studied every aspect of seminar attendees, from their actions to posture to their breathing patterns to how they blink, what they wore, and whether they were consuming a newspaper or Starbucks Coffee. It’s not that he found the way to heaven. It was the seriousness with which he took his buyers. He could accurately predict which buyers would purchase in certain circumstances. For many years, he was the top producer for his company. You should be watching your buyers and trying to spot buying signs. This will allow you to ask your buyers for the close when it is hot.

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Flexibility is key to success as a closer.

You can take on any challenge or adapt to it. This includes making angry people buy, dealing with bad press and critics, and turning a buyer into a buyer. My best friend, who taught me how to be flexible, is the best. “Flex and flow, and you will get the dough,” he said. We dealt with many difficulties together and faced many other issues—no heat/air. No power. There is no food for lunch. We don’t have enough training materials to offer our potential buyers. Too small a meeting space for our sales presentation. Bad press. Interventions by the government. We had it all. We lived by the motto “flex and flow.” Every day we went to work, made friends, handled all that was presented to us, and made a lot of money. Flexibility and flow were prerequisites for coming to work every day.

We cannot overcome buyer objections if we don’t have the ability to adapt and flow. We can still meet the buyer’s needs and fulfill their orders if we are flexible and fluid. Buyers also notice when we deal with difficult situations. Buyers notice how we handle them. If we are flexible and flow, buyers will often give us the benefit and buy to prove they approve.


If you approach a potential client with the right questions and the right approach, they will almost always purchase what you sell. Absolute confidence is essential. You will sell with complete dominance if you feel confident. Our job as sales reps is simple. It is easy to work with prospective clients. It is simple to process a check or run a credit card. If we are able to do the job right, it can make a difference in whether a client purchases or not.

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This is what I consider an essential trait. It is essential to know the product. It is essential to know your market and competitors. However, being very knowledgeable is not going to save a deal. It is enough to be able to answer most questions and provide direction to potential clients. It is a good idea to answer questions directly with clients when you have the most knowledge, but it’s also a good idea to let them know that you are happy to work out the answers with them. Be likable, learn from your mistakes, be flexible and fluid, and have absolute confidence in the above. This is the ideal situation to make them smile. It’s also an excellent way for you to learn from your client. A great salesman, who knew very little about our product, an Internet-based business software suite, was a colleague of mine. He knew nothing about computers or the Internet. He did know how to make friends and get them to trust him. Despite his inept product knowledge, he was always a top producer of deals.

Summary: These are the key traits to keep in mind as you adapt your closing style. It is essential to be aware of the value people place on you. Learn something from every interaction you have with clients. Flexibility and flow are crucial to securing deals, even in difficult times. To close as many deals as possible, use your personality and experience. Don’t be the A-Hole salesman or the used car salesperson in the plaid suit. We are usually able to meet at least some buyers’ needs. Our personalities can be used to have a conversation about a topic that is mutually beneficial. We will gain their confidence and gain our own. Fake it until you get there. Once you master this, you can start closing the deal.